Import Goodies, Round 1!

I got some Amazon gift cards for Christmas this year, and I wanted to spend them on something I couldn’t really get in any stores around me! (Okay, okay, I pre-ordered Poochy and Yoshi’s Woolly World so I was guaranteed to get that sweet Poochy amiibo…) I decided to look around for some games that I could import just to further my collection a bit. I ended up buying 5 games for around $60, which isn’t bad at all!

The first game that came in was トモダチコレクション, which is Tomodachi Collection! It was released for the Nintendo DS in 2009. And since the DS isn’t region locked, I can play it on my DS with no issues!


I was drawn to this game because I really love Tomodachi Life, which is the sequel to Tomodachi Collection! I know the games are very similar, but that’s okay with me. It’ll be interesting to see how this fun and quirky franchise began! Plus, it’ll be a great way to learn some more Japanese.


I’ll write about the other games as I get them in. This particular game came from the U.S., so it didn’t take that long to get to me. All the other games are coming from Japan, so I probably won’t receive them until late February/ early March. I can’t wait! 🙂

My Gaming Week in Review (1/22- 1/28)!

My post is a little late this week, sorry about that! I normally like to post my weekly reviews on Sundays, but I had a terrible headache for a couple days that put me behind. Not that I have that much to write about anyway, but let’s see what games I played this week! 🙂


Nintendo Wii U

Michael and I continued to play through Yoshi’s Woolly World. The game is increasing in difficulty a little bit, but nothing we can’t handle! We finished up World 4, which threw some spikes at us as well as some very strange waterfalls, then we faced off in an epic battle against Petey Piranha!

After kicking Petey’s butt, we moved on to World 5. World 5 is an icy, wintery world that is so pretty! Makes me want it to be Christmas again… anyway, check out some screenshots from World 5!

And here’s an adorable snowman and Mega Yarn Yoshi! 🙂

We left off on World 5-6: Up Shuttlethread Pass. I have no idea what that even means, but I guess we’ll find out!


Nintendo 3DS

I had time to briefly visit my Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo town of Tilt this week. Remember last week how Poppy wanted me to come over, then Genji immediately wanted to come over to my house? Well, they both sent me gifts for hanging out with them! Genji sent me a boomerang, while Poppy sent me an azalea bush. Thanks, friends!


Poppy tried to tell me she was moving away, but I told her hell no. She’s too cute to leave!

Something new is being built on Main Street!What could it be? 😉


Apples were at a premium at Re-Tail, which was awesome because apples are my native fruit! I immediately ran around and shook all the trees so I could make some easy Bells!


I also got my town-development permit. Now I can start Public Works Projects!




I am still having fun playing Cooking Fever, though it is getting pretty hectic! I still find myself easily confused if I don’t pay close attention to what I’m doing.


At one point, one of my soda machines broke down! I didn’t know this could happen in the game. Luckily, it was fixed quickly. I wonder if anything else can break…


I’m enjoying upgrading all my items as well as my actual restaurant. I am now at experience Level 8.


I left off on Level 31 of the Fast Food Court. Maybe I’ll finish these levels soon so I can play one of the other venues, like the bakery! Here are my current stats:


As you can see, there’s still a lot of upgrading I can do. This game keeps you busy for awhile, and I like that.

I played just a little bit of Pokémon GO this week. It wasn’t working properly most of the time when I was trying to play, so oh well. I finally evolved my Staryu into a Starmie…

And I caught a Seadra, you guessed it… at work! 🙂 Seadra is the evolution of Horsea, so now I don’t have to worry about evolving the one I have!

I also reached Level 17.


PC Games

No PC Gaming this week!


No Misc. gaming this week!

So, that’s it! Hopefully this new week will bring more gaming adventures for me 😉 Good night!

My Backloggery Is Complete!

So, after months and months of entering in all my video games, then all my husband’s video games, I’m happy to say my Backloggery page is now completely up to date! For those of you who aren’t aware, Backloggery is a site that lets you keep track of your games for all your different systems. It’s a very basic site that I’ve enjoyed using for a few years now- it just took me forever to get all my games on there! Then I decided that I should put all of Michael’s games on there too, because why not? Anyway, the grand total of all our video games is…


Wow… just wow. I knew we had a lot of games! Now, I added all my iPhone/ iPad games on there, but I didn’t add any of Michael’s mobile games. He tends to play games for awhile and then get rid of them, so I don’t really keep up with them. Also, I have a Miscellaneous section for all of my Kindle games! 🙂 Here is a screenshot of my Backloggery:

If you are interested in going to my Backloggery and seeing what games I have for each system, click here! If the game is Michael’s and I haven’t played it, I nulled it out so it doesn’t count negatively towards my tally of games completed. Not that my completion rate is that impressive… one day all my games will be finished! Now, if I could just stop adding to my backlog… 😉

The Sunshine Blogger Award!

I mentioned a week or so ago that I got nominated for a blogging award called the Sunshine Blogger Award, thanks to my friend The Shameful Narcissist. It was so sweet of her to nominate me and I am really honored to accept your award! 😉

Image result for sunshine blogger award

Here are the rules for the award!

1. Thank whomever nominates your blog.
2. Indulge yourself and answer any questions you feel happy to answer.
3. Spread that radiance to some other awesome blogs to keep the light shining brightly.
4. Use these questions or make up your own to ask your nominees.
5. Tell your nominees that they have been nominated.
6. Put your preferred logo award on display (I just Google searched “Sunshine Blogger Award” and picked this nifty logo!)

So, here are the questions The Shameful Narcissist had for me!

1. What’s your favorite story of all time? Media doesn’t matter.

This is a really tough question! There are so many stories I love, it’s hard to choose just one, but I do have one book series that I could read over and over. That series is Harry Potter! I could go on and on about why, but basically I just love the magic and the excitement and the fact that Harry’s world is so well crafted and interesting.

Image result for harry potter hogwarts castle
How awesome would Christmas be at Hogwarts?!

2. What fictional world would you most want to live in and why?

Haha… can I live in Harry Potter’s world too? Seriously, the Muggle world seems so damn boring and uninteresting after reading about magic! I could do without Voldemort and his bullshit, but hey, it would still be kinda cool to fight him.

Image result for harry potter hogwarts letter
Still waiting on my Hogwarts acceptance letter…

The alternative would be living in the Animal Crossing universe. Seriously, think about it! You get to be around a bunch of cute animals, you pay off your mortgage by selling fruit and fish, and there are no people around to bother you! Sounds good to me.

Image result for animal crossing autumn
How adorable is this picture?!

3. What’s the most beautiful song you know?

This is a funny question for me to answer, because I mostly listen to hard rock/ heavy metal, so a lot of the music I like isn’t really considered “beautiful.” However, I also happen to love Christmas music- something about it just fills my cold little black heart up with joy! 😉 There is a song called “For the Beauty of the Earth” that I guess is actually a church hymn, but is sung by a band called BarlowGirl. I don’t know much about them, but they have really nice voices! Anyway, something about this song really resonates with me and I have no idea why.

Image result for barlowgirl
The ladies of BarlowGirl.

4. What’s the most ridiculous/ obsessive thing you’ve ever done for a fandom/ obsession?

Hmm… to be honest I can’t really think of anything! Well, unless if you count collecting things. I love anything with Kirby on it of course. I also have 7 different Animal Crossing games and 2 more that I am importing that should be arriving soon… yeah, that might be a bit of an Animal Crossing obsession. I am not ashamed! 😉

Image result for kirby obsession
I don’t even like the color pink, but I love Kirby! 😉

Bonus question: Would you rather have every Wednesday off or a three day weekend/ four day work week?

Wednesdays off sound very tempting, but I would go for the three day weekend/ four day work week! I’d rather just get all the work out of the way and have more days off in a row!

Image result for i love weekends
Yes indeedy!

Now, The Shameful Narcissist and I have a lot of the same blogging friends, so a lot of you have already been nominated for the award! I don’t want to pester you guys with double nominations, but I would like to nominate two of my other of my blogging friends that bring a lot of sunshine to my blogging experience: DirtPoorDuchess and YvoCaro! You guys are always there with kind words and interesting comments, and I really appreciate you! 🙂 In any case, please consider yourselves all nominated by me!  I don’t want anyone left out!

Here’s a few questions if anyone wants to answer them!

1. What is your favorite season?
2. What is your favorite place you’ve been on vacation?
3. How long have you lived in your current city?
4. What is your favorite breed of dog?

There, those are completely random questions! 😉 Like I said, everyone is nominated, so feel free to answer any or all of these questions! Thanks to everyone who reads this! 🙂

My Gaming Week in Review (1/15- 1/21)!


Nintendo Wii U

Michael and I played through a bit more of Yoshi’s Woolly World this week. Man I love this game! We currently played up to World 4-7: Yoshi Branches Out.

The levels in World 4 include one with a crazy lunge fish that tries to eat you, an underwater level with very weird physics, and one level where you are swinging on curtains the entire time!

One level that really stuck out to me was World 4-6: Spooky Scraps! Don’t Get Spooked!


The name of this level made me laugh, but this is one of the most unique and fun levels I have played thus far. Throughout the level, scraps of fabric pass by and reveal walkways and items not seen normally. You can interact with them, but only when you are behind the scraps of fabric as well. Also, when enemies are behind the fabric, they turn into monsters that chase you!


I believe there are only 5 Worlds in this game, so we are getting close to the end. Maybe we will finish up the game next week!


Nintendo DS

I played just a couple levels of The Legendary Starfy this week. I figured out that the whole point of the game is for Starfy to help Bunston recover his lost memories…


I fought a giant squid (I love Starfy’s expression in this picture!)…


And I played a level that required me to push large rocks around, which was kind of a pain in the ass!


I also came across this weird turtle thing, which obviously really freaked poor Starfy and his friend Moe out!


Nintendo 3DS

I visited my Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome amiibo town of Tilt this week to see what my villagers were up to! Frank had something really philosophical to say….


while Julian told me about one of his strange hobbies!


I met Eloise, who just moved into town.


Poppy invited me over to her house. I hung out on her sofa for a minute.


Immediately after I left Poppy’s house, Genji wanted to come visit my house!


I decided to check in with Isabelle to see what my approval rating was. To my surprise, I was already at 100%! I didn’t think I really did much to earn it, but hey, I’m not complaining!


I visited the campground, and Gulliver was my visitor for today. Love the beachy theme in his RV!


Believe it or not, I still have yet to see it snow in this game. What gives?!?



I played a game called Cooking Fever this week. I’ve had it on my phone for awhile, but I haven’t played it in quite some time. As you can see from my map below, I only have one restaurant open- the Fast Food Court!


Cooking Fever is basically a time management game where customers come up and try to buy items, and it’s up to you to fulfill their orders in a timely manner. At first, it’s pretty easy, but the later levels can get pretty challenging.


After playing a little bit, I unlocked the Sports Bar and the Bakery! I haven’t played either of these yet, as I want to finish all the levels in the Fast Food Court first.


I am currently on Level 23, and it’s getting pretty tough! The customer’s requests are getting more intricate, and I find myself getting confused easily, haha! It’s a fun game though, and quite addicting. Right now, I’m at experience Level 6.


I also played a little bit of Pokémon GO this week. I didn’t do much, but I finally got enough candies to evolve my Meowth into a Persian!


I then made Caterpie my buddy. I need a few more candies from it to get the final evolution (Butterfree). It’s so cute on my shoulder! 🙂


Also, I came across this bad boy at work! It kind of blends into the shelf a little bit.


I had no Pokéballs, so I couldn’t even try to catch it! However, its CP was pretty high, so my efforts probably would have been in vain anyway.



As I mentioned in my previous post, I played Stardew Valley this week. I pretty much wrote about everything I did, so I don’t need to repeat it here! However, here are a couple additional screenshots from my gameplay this week! Here we have a nice, rainy day…


a very weird, mysterious message from my grandpa…


and a cozy fire in my room!


Here are my current objectives. Right now it’s the 8th of Spring, Year 1.



No misc. gaming consoles this week!

That’s all for my gaming adventures this week! See ya!

First Impressions: Stardew Valley!

Like I mentioned a few days ago, I finally bought and started playing Stardew Valley last week! I’ve wanted this game for so long because it seemed like a great mix between Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing and maybe even a little bit of Minecraft/ Terraria. Plus, the fact that this game was all created by one person just blows my mind! Anyway, here’s my first impressions of the game!


The game didn’t take that long to download, which I thought was nice. I’ve never used Steam before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect! Immediately after clicking to start a new game, I was presented with a robust character customization screen!


I tinkered around with the options for a bit (so many shirts to choose from!) then thought about what I wanted to name my farm. I decided to give a humorous nod to my grandfather and name it Spartacus Farm. It’s a long story, but sometimes when I was a kid he would come out of his room randomly and yell “I’m Spartacus!” for no reason. It used to crack me up because it was so random and silly!

It took me a minute to decide what kind of farm I wanted, too. I know there was a recent update that allowed you to choose a different type of farm, but in the end I decided to stay true to the original game and just pick the standard farm. I figured I can always create another character later and choose a different farm!

So the game begins with me working some boring ass job and just hating life in general. I opened a letter from my grandpa, who told me to go live on his farm in Stardew Valley. If only it were that easy to just ditch the world and go live on a farm…


Upon arrival in Stardew Valley, I met Robin, who showed me to my farm. What a mess this place is!


After meeting the mayor, I was pretty much free to do whatever I wanted. I had a new goal to complete, which was to meet everyone in town. I immediately set off and met several people on my first day. Some were nice, like Evelyn…


And some seemed a little off-putting, like Haley!


I did a little bit of exploring just to get myself used to my surroundings, too. I found a cute playground but I couldn’t play on it!


After awhile it started getting dark, so I wanted to head back to my farm. Luckily there is a map to use, because I got so lost!


The next morning when I woke up, I had a letter from some man named Willy who wanted to meet me! It sounded a little odd, but I went to see him anyway. Turns out, he wanted me to have his old fishing pole. Um, okay…


I basically spent the next few in-game days just exploring and trying to get myself used to where I was. Some other interesting places I came across were an arcade…


a cemetery…


and some creepy, dark alleyway! The music even turned spooky when I got in this area, so who knows what that’s all about.


Anyway, after like 5 in game days, I still hadn’t met everyone! That annoyed me, so I looked to see who I hadn’t met, then used a Wiki Guide to find out exactly where they all hung out. Hey, I have no problem using a guide if I need one! I didn’t want to waste too much more time trying to find these jerks. So I finally met Elliott on the beach, Linus near his tent, and Maru at her house.

I had previously seen Maru in her house, but she was in her bedroom and I couldn’t go in because we weren’t “good friends.” Fine!

I also tried to talk to Haley one day, but it said she was ignoring me! That pissed me off, so I started following her around. After a minute, she started running from me! Haha! I chased after her for a bit, then left her alone. What a snooty bitch!



All in all, I’m really enjoying this game. The controls were a little weird to get used to at first, but I’m not a huge PC gamer, so I’m not used to playing with a mouse and keyboard! Overall, though, this seems like a really fun, addicting game. I can’t wait to see what happens in the coming months and years in Stardew Valley! I’m very glad I finally bought it 🙂

The Cricket Catastrophe!

As many of you may know, I have a sweet, lovable bearded dragon named Bowser. Bowser is the coolest guy ever, and would be content to lounge around with me all day. He doesn’t really move around too much- he’s awfully lazy- but one thing he loves is his crickets! I’m so accustomed to having crickets in my house, it’s pretty much an afterthought. That is, until I find one where it DOESN’T belong!

I’m still in the process of fixing up my office (lame, I know, but for the past week and a half I haven’t really done much in there), but at least all my games and systems are pretty much set up! I was sitting on the floor, arranging this huge pile of shit:

Do I have too many games? Nope!

…and in general was just amusing myself by alphabetizing all my games because that’s what I do! I decided to get all of my DS games together, since they were in various random cases and that was annoying me. They were pretty much all in one larger case that I had, along with my Game Boy Micro, a charger, and a few other odds and ends.

Boring story, right? Well, it was business as usual until I smelled IT.

At first I thought my cat or dog came in and shit on the floor or something! I looked around, but didn’t see anything. Then I organized a few more boxes, leaned forward, and smelled it again.

I looked around again, sniffed the carpet (which is brand new), sniffed my own damn FEET (which were clean, thank you) and could not figure out the source of the stench!  I thought I was going nuts.

After I leaned forward a couple more times and kept smelling it, it dawned on me: the case that was holding my DS stuff was the source! Oh my god! I quickly removed everything else from the case and that’s when I saw it: THE DEAD CRICKET.

See it? On the tissue? That’s the source of my problems!

If you have never smelled a dead cricket before, I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s like… like mold, sweaty feet, an old sweaty gym bag, and cat turds, all rolled into one. I don’t know how one little insect can smell SO BAD, but I am not kidding when I say it is vile.

Now, please remember that this little bastard must’ve bit the dust BEFORE I even moved. One must have escaped my little cricket enclosure at my old house, traveled its happy ass across the living room and into my office, cozied up in my DS bag and died. I unknowingly packed it up and took it with me- so that means the awful smell was festering for almost 3 months! Sick!!!

Whatever. I disposed of it and carried on. Organize games, lean forward to put them on shelf… AND SMELL IT AGAIN! What the fuck man! Again, I sniffed the floor, sniffed my games… and realized that my poor Game Boy Micro was the source of the stench. That’s right- the smell was so awful in that case it permeated the things in the case too! Disgusted, I removed the game that was in the Game Boy Micro and put it in the corner of the room to deal with later.

Side note: The Game Boy Micro is really cool!

Satisfied, I carried on. Organize games, lean forward to put them on shelf… OH NO NOT AGAIN!! 

Yep, the smell was on my poor Guitar Hero accessory! I was seriously pissed now! I added that to the pile of shit that smelled awful.

This is a fun game, but man does it hurt your hand!

I didn’t want to carry on, but I did. Organize games, lean for- OH FOR FUCK’S SAKE HOW COULD SOMETHING ELSE STINK?!?!

Turns out, the game in the Game Boy Micro also smelled. By this time, I was absolutely seething. How could one medium-sized cricket cause me all this irritation?!

I don’t know why I couldn’t get a good shot of this game, but it’s Wario Ware Inc…. one of my favorite GBA games!

Luckily, everything aired out after a few days, and now nothing smells anymore! Now I’m paranoid about everything else I still have boxed up, because if I have another cricket dead in any of those boxes, I think I might die. Ugh.


My Gaming Week in Review (1/08- 1/14)!

I haven’t done it in a little while, but I thought I’d bring back My Gaming Week in Review for the new year! I always enjoyed writing this type of summary post, and it helps me keep track of my gaming! Let’s see if I can keep up with this on a regular basis- I tend to be awfully flighty, haha! 😉

First, though, I want to say thank you to The Shameful Narcissist who has so nicely awarded me with a blogging award called The Sunshine Blogger Award! 🙂 I’m so excited to receive another reward! I have a couple more blog posts planned, and then I will post all about it!

So, let’s get to what I played this week!


Wii U

Michael and I continued playing Yoshi’s Woolly World this week. We both love this game! It’s so cute and vibrant. Here are some screenshots from World 2:

This level’s name really cracked me up for some reason:


Although the “Blargg” was a very rude creature who kept trying to attack me and push me into the lava! I remember those jerks from Yoshi’s Island…


The best part about World 2, though, was POOCHY!


I love Poochy! Here’s a few more screenshots of him just being awesome!

So we then moved on to World 3…

And we knitted together a few more Yoshis, but I’ll get better pics of them later! We left off on World 4-1, so I’m sure we will continue on with our adventure this week!


Nintendo DS

Something I do every now and then is play an “easy” game before bed. Something I don’t have to spend a lot of time or effort on but that is still fun. I decided to resurrect this idea and play a game that is cute, simple, and one that I never played all the way through- The Legendary Starfy!


This game is so adorable. I previously only played through the first 3 levels (shame on me!) so I just started a new game. Despite being underwater most of the time, the controls are actually pretty easy.

Plus, Starfy is just so HAPPY. I mean, just look at the joy on his face when he does something as simple as jump in the air!


Ironically, I left off where I did before, but I don’t plan on stopping here! I want to play the game through this time, even if I just play one level before bed at night. In the meantime, enjoy Starfy in his beachwear outfit and sunglasses!


Nintendo 3DS

As you probably figured from my last entry, I also played some Tomodachi Life this week. After doing those pictures with my Grampy, I decided to check in on my islanders, many of whom told me they hadn’t seen me in 3 months! Oops!

Anyway, one of the first things I noticed was that Kevin was sad that he and Marge had broken up. He replayed a montage of good times in his head, and it took me forever to get him out of his mopey mood!


However, not more than 15 minutes later, Jason begged Marge to be with him. Frank (Grampy!) tried to say he loved her more, but she still went with Jason. Kevin who?

Also, Dani attempted to hook up with Steve, but he stood her up at the cafe. That bastard!


I found Isabella’s super all-time favorite food…

As well as Skye’s worst-ever food!

And Steve, paying no mind to Dani’s broken heart, wanted some clothes to “up his cool factor.” I found an outfit that said just that in the clothing store, and he loved it!

So, things are just as quirky as ever on Crickie Island. Never a dull moment there!


I didn’t do any mobile gaming this week!



I FINALLY bought and started playing Stardew Valley this week! I have been wanting this game for quite some time, but was holding out for the Wii U version. Once that got cancelled, I decided to buy it on Steam. I’m going to do a First Impressions post of this soon, so stayed tuned for that. But here’s what the adorable icon looks like on my desktop! 😉



Retro Machine

Finally, I played a little bit of my Retro Machine that Michael got me for my birthday last year! For those that aren’t familiar, it’s a cute little tabletop arcade system with 200 games built in! I’ve played some of the games, but not all of them. I want to eventually play through all of them, so I started right at the top with F-22!


F-22 is a pretty cool little shooter. It’s kind of like a mix between Space Invaders and Galaga, and its difficulty is pretty unforgiving.


At one point, I did get to a boss…


but right after I took that picture, I died, and I had to start the level ALL OVER. Bullshit! Oh well. Still fun though!

So those were my gaming adventures this week! See ya!

Thanks, Tomodachi Life!

We laid my Grampy to rest yesterday. While it definitely is not easy to accept the fact that he is gone, there is at least one place where he is immortalized in the gaming world. That place is Crickie Island, my family’s virtual home in Tomodachi Life!

Here, Grampy will be forever hanging out with everyone, free to do what he wants! Here he is striking a pose with one of his signature phrases…


Here he is with my grandma…


His 6 children…


His 7 grandchildren…


And his 5 great-grandchildren!


I wanted to pose him with all of our spouses too, but it only let me put a certain number of people in each photo even though it was a “group shot.” Ugh!

Anyway, playing this game and seeing him alive and well in it actually brings me some happiness because I can actually see aspects of his personality in his Look-Alike! It’s not the same as being with the real person, of course, but knowing that I can at least visit him in this virtual world whenever I want makes me feel just a little bit better.

Kirby’s 25th Anniversary!

While browsing on Twitter a couple nights ago, I came across some fabulous information:

Image result for kirby 25th anniversary

Wow! 2017 marks Kirby’s 25th anniversary! For his 2oth anniversary, Kirby’s Dream Collection came out, which was a really nice mix of games, challenges, a “museum” to view information on every Kirby game, and even a couple anime episodes!


With that being said, I REALLY hope they do something awesome for his 25th anniversary. Right now there is a website (all in Japanese, of course) that you can look at if you’re interested. Just click on this link! This website is so adorable and I can only hope that Nintendo of America will show Kirby some love too!

Oh, and I’m not usually a huge fan of watches, but…

I really want that watch! How cool is that?! I’ll take the keychain next to it, too! 😉