First Impressions: Fantasy Life!

I really, REALLY want to clear out some of my backlog this year, so I’m getting started right away by playing games I’ve bought but haven’t even touched yet! Some of my games are still packed away so I decided a portable game would be best to start with for now. I settled on Fantasy Life, and game for the 3DS that I bought some time ago. It was still sealed in its wrapper and everything. Sad! I’ve been interested in Fantasy Life for awhile. I love how you can choose a Life for yourself (the game capitalizes the “L” in Life, so I will too!), build that Life up, then switch to a completely different path! This seems like it will keep things very fresh and exciting. I know how I am, and I’m sure I’ll eventually want to master all 12 different Life paths. I’m a glutton for punishment, I know!

The title screen…

The game starts out with a surprisingly robust character customization screen. I spent quite a bit of time trying out all the different facial features, eyes, hair colors, etc. on my character. Of course, I modeled her after myself. I seem to have an issue making random characters! Right away, the game asked me to choose my Life path. After thinking long and hard about it, I decided to become a Mercenary first. It just sounds cool!

Allegiance to none… haha, me likey!

After a short introduction to the land of Reveria, the game began with me falling out of my bed. My nosy landlady was concerned for me, then she said I needed to check the mail. Okaayyy lady! Talk about random!

Mind your business, PAM.

I received a letter from the King, telling me to come see him after I had received my Mercenary license.


With that, the Prologue began!


I went to the Guild office and got my novice Mercenary license from a guy who seemed snarky and weird. Oh well.

I’m not talking to you ever again if I can help it, loser!

With license in hand, I started to make my way to the castle. However, I ran into a butterfly that was being bullied by two dim-witted assholes!

These idiots are bullying an insect. Just let that fact sink in.

I decided to help the butterfly, and the jerks searched my pockets and took my candy. Seriously.

If I’m a mercenary, why couldn’t I just chop their heads off or something?

The butterfly was happy I helped her (um, at least I think its a her? I’m just going to keep typing that unless I’m proven otherwise). She then left me to go up to the castle, so I followed suit. When I got there, however, the guards told me I was dressed sloppy and couldn’t see the king like that!

So passive- aggressive! 

Meanwhile, the butterfly was being told she couldn’t see the King because they didn’t allow insects inside. She tried to play it cool because she knew me, but they weren’t letting either of us inside. I literally have no idea what’s going on here…


The butterfly then had the sneaky idea of turning herself into a bowtie and attaching herself to my clothes. That way, I would be more “dressed up” and she could see the King inconspicuously.


Surprisingly, this scheme worked, and I met the King. He leaves a lot to be desired.

He basically congratulated me on choosing a Life path, then gave me 300 Dosh (the game’s currency).


With that, the Prologue was complete!


After I exited the castle, the butterfly was going to go off on her own. However, she really wanted to just stick close to me, so I told her she could. She was so excited!


After that, I ended my game for the night.


This game is cute so far. The story is a little weird, and I don’t know what a random talking butterfly has to do with anything, but I’ll just run with it! The graphics are a little choppy, but that doesn’t really bother me. I’m anxious to see what happens when I actually start performing tasks as a Mercenary!