A Different Type of Blog Post.

Since this is a video game blog, I typically don’t blog about many “personal” things. However, I felt the need to share with all my gaming friends that my grandfather (I called him Grampy) passed away last night after nearly a year long battle with lung cancer.

I was very close to Grampy, probably due to the fact that my mom and I actually lived with my grandparents growing up. As a result, he often felt more like a father to me than a grandfather. Even after I grew up and moved out, I still made it a point to visit almost every weekend.

When I first learned he had cancer last year, my heart broke. I wasn’t sure how much time I had left with him, so I (along with the rest of my family) made the best of it. When he was going through chemo, he would take a steroid that stimulated his appetite, so we were constantly getting him all the junk food he wanted- his favorites included Pizza Hut, Chick-Fil-A and Krystals. We hung out, we watched TV (and tons of MMA fights, which he loved), we had fun conversations. I even got a tattoo on my ribcage to commemorate him which, to my surprise, he actually really liked! (He wasn’t big on tattoos at all)

He still kept his humor and his smile as his condition deteriorated. My only hope as the holiday season approached was to have one last holiday with all of us together, and my wish was granted. We gathered in his room on Christmas to watch a DVD of pictures and videos my uncle put together, and he had the biggest smile on his face the whole time. On New Years Eve, we crowded in his room to watch the ball drop on tv, and he again had the biggest smile on his face.

Yesterday, we all told him it was okay to move on. He had suffered enough. He didn’t say much, but he knew we were there. At one point I was holding his hand and when I moved my hand away, he grabbed it back. He passed peacefully at 11:32 p.m.

Though words cannot describe my grief, all I can say is that I am beyond grateful for almost 31 years of being able to spend time with Grampy. I am so grateful that I am so close to the rest of my family as well, and I love them all more than I can even say.

Thanks for reading this. I’ll be back with my regular video game postings soon- anything video game related seems to cheer me up!