Kirby’s 25th Anniversary!

While browsing on Twitter a couple nights ago, I came across some fabulous information:

Image result for kirby 25th anniversary

Wow! 2017 marks Kirby’s 25th anniversary! For his 2oth anniversary, Kirby’s Dream Collection came out, which was a really nice mix of games, challenges, a “museum” to view information on every Kirby game, and even a couple anime episodes!


With that being said, I REALLY hope they do something awesome for his 25th anniversary. Right now there is a website (all in Japanese, of course) that you can look at if you’re interested. Just click on this link! This website is so adorable and I can only hope that Nintendo of America will show Kirby some love too!

Oh, and I’m not usually a huge fan of watches, but…

I really want that watch! How cool is that?! I’ll take the keychain next to it, too! 😉