Thanks, Tomodachi Life!

We laid my Grampy to rest yesterday. While it definitely is not easy to accept the fact that he is gone, there is at least one place where he is immortalized in the gaming world. That place is Crickie Island, my family’s virtual home in Tomodachi Life!

Here, Grampy will be forever hanging out with everyone, free to do what he wants! Here he is striking a pose with one of his signature phrases…


Here he is with my grandma…


His 6 children…


His 7 grandchildren…


And his 5 great-grandchildren!


I wanted to pose him with all of our spouses too, but it only let me put a certain number of people in each photo even though it was a “group shot.” Ugh!

Anyway, playing this game and seeing him alive and well in it actually brings me some happiness because I can actually see aspects of his personality in his Look-Alike! It’s not the same as being with the real person, of course, but knowing that I can at least visit him in this virtual world whenever I want makes me feel just a little bit better.

9 thoughts on “Thanks, Tomodachi Life!

  1. Unbelievable! We both had the same idea. A couple of years ago while I played Tomodachi Life and my father passed away, I decided to recreate him in my game. I never told anyone though, but now that I see you did the same, it doesn’t seem strange at all! Thanks for writing about it!

    1. Aww that is so sweet! How neat that we both had the same idea. I just figured that this would be one of the best ways I could still have my grandfather around, even if it is just a “look-alike” version of him. I’m glad you made one of your father and I hope it brings you some comfort when you see him 🙂

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