My Gaming Week in Review (1/22- 1/28)!

My post is a little late this week, sorry about that! I normally like to post my weekly reviews on Sundays, but I had a terrible headache for a couple days that put me behind. Not that I have that much to write about anyway, but let’s see what games I played this week! 🙂


Nintendo Wii U

Michael and I continued to play through Yoshi’s Woolly World. The game is increasing in difficulty a little bit, but nothing we can’t handle! We finished up World 4, which threw some spikes at us as well as some very strange waterfalls, then we faced off in an epic battle against Petey Piranha!

After kicking Petey’s butt, we moved on to World 5. World 5 is an icy, wintery world that is so pretty! Makes me want it to be Christmas again… anyway, check out some screenshots from World 5!

And here’s an adorable snowman and Mega Yarn Yoshi! 🙂

We left off on World 5-6: Up Shuttlethread Pass. I have no idea what that even means, but I guess we’ll find out!


Nintendo 3DS

I had time to briefly visit my Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo town of Tilt this week. Remember last week how Poppy wanted me to come over, then Genji immediately wanted to come over to my house? Well, they both sent me gifts for hanging out with them! Genji sent me a boomerang, while Poppy sent me an azalea bush. Thanks, friends!


Poppy tried to tell me she was moving away, but I told her hell no. She’s too cute to leave!

Something new is being built on Main Street!What could it be? 😉


Apples were at a premium at Re-Tail, which was awesome because apples are my native fruit! I immediately ran around and shook all the trees so I could make some easy Bells!


I also got my town-development permit. Now I can start Public Works Projects!




I am still having fun playing Cooking Fever, though it is getting pretty hectic! I still find myself easily confused if I don’t pay close attention to what I’m doing.


At one point, one of my soda machines broke down! I didn’t know this could happen in the game. Luckily, it was fixed quickly. I wonder if anything else can break…


I’m enjoying upgrading all my items as well as my actual restaurant. I am now at experience Level 8.


I left off on Level 31 of the Fast Food Court. Maybe I’ll finish these levels soon so I can play one of the other venues, like the bakery! Here are my current stats:


As you can see, there’s still a lot of upgrading I can do. This game keeps you busy for awhile, and I like that.

I played just a little bit of Pokémon GO this week. It wasn’t working properly most of the time when I was trying to play, so oh well. I finally evolved my Staryu into a Starmie…

And I caught a Seadra, you guessed it… at work! 🙂 Seadra is the evolution of Horsea, so now I don’t have to worry about evolving the one I have!

I also reached Level 17.


PC Games

No PC Gaming this week!


No Misc. gaming this week!

So, that’s it! Hopefully this new week will bring more gaming adventures for me 😉 Good night!

15 thoughts on “My Gaming Week in Review (1/22- 1/28)!

  1. I want a Poochy too, but I am saving up for my Story of Seasons:Trio of Towns game for the end of February! So I guess Poochy and Yoshi are gonna have to wait. 😦 Oh, and I want your Poppy the Squirrel is so, so cute! I want her! Yoshi’s Woolly World on World 5 is so pretty.. I think you have passed me in the game so far! Yeah, it does get really difficult and fast!

    1. Oh yeah, I want Trio of Towns too! It looks so cute! Aww yes I love Poppy. I had her in my other New Leaf town and she moved away so I’m hoping she sticks around longer in this one! I think we are close to beating Yoshi’s Woolly World (pretty sure there are only 5 worlds) so maybe this weekend we will get it done! 🙂

      1. Let me know if you complete Yoshi’s Woolly World!! I will most likely not get back to playing it until this spring or summer… because I am waiting on the boys so they have more time to play it with me on none school days! I’d rather not play it alone! If Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World is pretty much the same game with added stuff and on 3ds, then I would be okay with playing it alone!! But on the Wii U, I feel like there needs to be more than one player because it’s more fun that way!!

      2. That is true, it is a lot of fun to play with someone else! Michael and I just played it in single player mode and switched back and forth between every level. We did end up beating it last week, and I plan on doing a blog post about it soon! 🙂

    1. It is, isn’t it! 🙂 Haha I do like Pokémon GO still, I just play it really casually. I just like to catch the little critters, I have no interest in battling in Gyms or anything like that. And yes headaches suck! As a matter of fact, I have a really bad headache and stomachache today so I stayed home from work (which I normally do not do). Think I have the stomach flu cuz I was feeling like shit yesterday too 😦

      1. Ugh, sending you best wishes for a speedy recovery. I take medication that causes dizziness and headache…when I already have chronic dizziness gah! I was supposed to have a half day on Monday for a doctor’s appointment and wound up taking a full day when I wound up not feeling well. I thankfully have an understanding manager, and I luck out more in being able to work from home in a pinch.

      2. Thank you! I am feeling much better today! I can relate… I am on medication that causes dizziness and headache as well as low blood pressure, so super fun for me! Sorry you weren’t feeling well Monday. At least you have an understanding manager! I am the manager where I work, but I have a really understanding boss who knows that when I am not feeling well, I really am better off at home!

      3. We have way too much in common :p I have generally low blood pressure as well AND I’m tall, so standing up too quickly is sometimes an adventure :p The first time I fainted from that, I scared my poor husband nearly to death. Thankfully, there was a couch for me to face plant into hehe.

        To be honest I think that’s what makes or breaks a work environment. The people you work with. Regardless of what you do!

      4. Aww! We definitely do have some of those traits in common. My blood pressure is always on the low side too, but I am only 5’1, so I don’t have far to fall! lol! Health problems are NO FUN!

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