Why I Love… Kirby!

Something new I thought I’d start doing is make a blog post once a month (at the beginning of the month, if I can) about something video game related that I absolutely love. It may be a character, a game, a game system… hell it can even be about a level in a game if I want! I just thought it would be a fun little feature to give everyone more insight as to why I love the things I love! So for the very first “Why I Love…” post, I’m going to write about Kirby! 🙂

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Now, considering my avatar is a picture of Kirby, most of you have probably already figured out that I love Kirby. First of all, I can’t get over how cute he is! He happens to be pink, which happens to be one of my LEAST favorite colors, but I overlook that because of how damn adorable that face is!

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I can’t resist the cuteness!

My love for Kirby began right when his very first game came out for the Game Boy in 1992. For Christmas that year, my mom bought me a Game Boy (which came bundled with Tetris) and Kirby’s Dream Land. I immediately became enamored with the little guy and played that game over and over again. I remember asking my mom to let me stay up for “just 10 more minutes” almost every night so I could play more!

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The game that started it all! 

As the years went by, I always bought every Kirby game that came out. My love for the little guy never faded! One thing that I always thought was great about Kirby is the fact that you can pretty much dump him into any game environment under any set of conditions and he can thrive. He’s been in platforming games, he’s been turned into a pinball, he’s been turned into a golf ball, he’s even been turned into yarn! Kirby is such a versatile character, moreso than almost any other character I can think of.

Image result for kirby copy abilities
Kirby also has an amazing amount of copy abilities- these are just some of them!

When I was 18, I decided to showcase my love for Kirby in a more permanent way, and I got a tattoo of him on my left ankle! I remember how excited I was to get that tattoo. The tattoo is over 12 years old now and it probably could stand to be touched up a little, but I still think it’s pretty cute. I’ve gotten many tattoos since then, but this is my only video game related tattoo.

Kirby, forever riding a Warpstar on my ankle!

As you can see, I grew up with Kirby. I have been playing his games for the past 25 years, and I will continue to do so for however many years they continue developing them! He was a huge part of my childhood, and I think that my propensity to be nostalgic at times keeps Kirby close to my heart. 😉 Thanks for reading!