Goodies From Target and Best Buy!

In addition to my Amazon gift cards that I mentioned in my last post, I also received a Target gift card and a couple Best Buy gift card for Christmas! A couple weekends ago, I decided to put them to very good use and buy myself some fun stuff!

At Best Buy, I was browsing their amiibo for a bit. I really wanted the Boo amiibo, but it wasn’t in stock. I was bummed, but I ended up getting this guy instead…


What a neat looking amiibo! I don’t ever recall seeing this one in store before, and I’ve always liked R.O.B.

I also picked up a new game I’ve been wanting, as well as the strategy guide for it…

I typically try to get one Pokémon game from each generation, and I chose Moon because… well… I’m full of darkness! 😉

Then at Target, I came across two XBox 360 games that were on clearance that I couldn’t resist. Here’s the first one…


Rise of Nightmares kind of reminds me of the Saw movies and it just seems creepy and fun!

I was really surprised to see this on clearance…


Seriously?! Three Borderlands games PLUS all their add-on content for only $20? Seems like a pretty awesome deal to me! Now, I just have to find time to actually play all these games!

14 thoughts on “Goodies From Target and Best Buy!

  1. Aw R.O.B. is adorable! He kind of has a Wall-E vibe going on. Oh man…Best Buy sells Amiibo? I’ve been warned by caring friends to not be sucked into that world of collection, but I’ve never been one to always listen to good advice.

    1. He does kind of remind me of Wall-E! I never had a R.O.B. growing up, so this amiibo will have to suffice! Haha yes Best buy does sell amiibo! They are pretty fun to collect, don’t get started! 😉 I actually only have the ones I REALLY want, although I do feel the pull ever now and then to just buy them all! 😉

  2. I’m an Amiibo addict so I’m tempted to warn you to return Famicom R.O.B. to avoid the Amiibo affliction, haha. Boo is cute though! I hope you get him soon. At night mine always scares me a bit since it glows in the dark, lol. Nice haul! Gift cards are sometimes the best presents ever 🙂

    1. lol!! I love amiibo, but I’m pretty good at holding back and only getting the ones I really want. 😉 I hope I get Boo soon too, he’s one I’ve been wanting! Oh and I agree, gift cards are definitely the best!

  3. R.O.B. is a good looking amiibo!! Never seen him before in stores!! Yeah, I agree… He kind of reminds me of WALL-E or maybe even Short Circuit the movie from the 80’s!! Woohh… Rise of Nightmares… gives me the shivers.. creepy.. hee heehee.. 😉 I would pick Pokemon Moon too if I were to get it! My son picked Pokemon Sun.. so that’s what we have!!

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