Doubutsu no Mori Game Guide!

Ever since I got Doubutsu no Mori (aka Animal Forest) in November 2015, I’ve been on the lookout for the corresponding game guide for it. I have guides for all of my other Animal Crossing games, so I felt the compulsive need to have one for this game, too. But as you can probably figure, finding a 16 year old guide that has been out of print for years and only available in Japan is not exactly easy to find!

I would find myself browsing Amazon and Ebay every couple months or so just to see if I could find it. I pretty much gave up hope of ever finding it because it NEVER came up in the search results. I even did an ISBN number search on Google to no avail!

As you may remember from this post, back in December I ordered some Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome amiibo cards from Amazon. That same day I ordered them, I decided to do one last search for that Doubutsu no Mori book. I couldn’t believe my luck: it actually popped up! One little seller from Japan had one copy of the book, and they were selling it for only $13 with $4 shipping! I didn’t hesitate to buy it, because who knows if I would ever see it again! About a week and a half ago, my little book finally came in, and I am so thrilled!

This guide book is excellent! It is very thorough and exactly what you would want for an Animal Crossing game. There are detailed explanations of holidays, item checklists, pictures of all the villagers, and much more!

I am so happy I finally found this guide book. I know it might seem like a silly thing to some people, but it is something I have been wanting for quite some time. And for only $17, I’m glad I finally have it! 🙂


19 thoughts on “Doubutsu no Mori Game Guide!

  1. This is so cute! Thanks for sharing this! It looks wonderful. I have the English guide for the GCN version of Animal Crossing, but this looks a tad cuter, haha.

    1. It is adorable! Every page is packed full with cute pictures and illustrations. I’m really happy to have it 🙂 Yeah, the GCN guide is really good, but this book definitely is more “cutesy”!

      1. Japan is so filled with cute things! And the people there absolutely love their Animal Crossing and Kirby! I saw so much Kirby when I was in the game stores in Japan!

      2. Oh man I’m sure you did! I’ve seen pictures of the stores over there and the amount of cute stuff they have is unreal! My husband would probably kill me because I’d come home with so much Animal Crossing and Kirby stuff lol!!

    1. Haha this is the game I wrote about on my last post that you said there was no way I could understand the language! 🙂 It’s such a fun game, you live among animal villagers and you don’t have to deal with people!

  2. Wow, Congrats finding a guide to your Doubutsu no Mori!! AWESOME!! I just love the way it looks.. very cute and colorful even for being 16 years old!! I’m amazed and happy that you found it!! Great deal for it too!! You have all the luck, don’t you!!? ha ha ha.. 😉 Just teasing.. Is the guide as thick as the New Leaf guide? How many pages are in it?

    1. Thanks! I love it too! Haha I actually think I am quite unlucky sometimes, but every once and awhile I do get lucky! 😉 It’s actually not nearly as big as the New Leaf guide, mostly because they condensed everything down with smaller pictures and descriptions. It’s only about 128 pages compared to New Leaf’s 528! I don’t mind though, because it is still so much fun to look at!

      1. Awesome… It does still look very fun to look at and I am completely jealous.. hee hee.. However, I also do love New Leaf’s guide just because it’s so thick and full of color and everything you want to know. Have you heard anything about the Switch and them making a new Animal Crossing yet? I haven’t heard anything…

      2. New Leaf’s guide is really great! I actually just bought an Animal Crossing guide off of a site called Fan Gamer along with a Stardew Valley guide. They look amazing and I can’t wait til they come in! No, I haven’t heard anything about an Animal Crossing game for the Switch yet 😦 I’m hoping they announce one soon! I will definitely buy a Switch if and when they have Animal Crossing for it!

  3. No way! You bought the Stardew Valley guide?! I am so stinkin’ jealous. LOL. Not fair. I’ve been wanting one of those.. Maybe someday. That’s so cool that you were able to get that! What kind of Animal Crossing guide did you get? Which one? YES. I will probably wait to buy the Switch too.. so expensive. But if they release a new Animal Crossing.. I will spend my last penny just to get it!! *crossing our fingers*

    1. Yes and I just got the Stardew Valley guide in the mail, and it is SO GORGEOUS! The Animal Crossing book is a New Leaf guide by the same girl who did the Stardew Valley guide, and it is so awesome looking! I should be receiving that next week. Haha oh yes the day an Animal Crossing game is released I will have to get a Switch! E3 is coming up soon, so maybe we will hear something then?

      1. Oh! That’s cool that the same girl who did the AC New Leaf is also the one who did the Stardew Valley guide! I didn’t realize that! I want a new Animal Crossing SO, SO BAD!! Sure I love the older ones… but I’ve been itching to have a full new Animal Crossing game!! It would be heaven!! I’m sure a lot of people feel this way and not just me. I hope we hear something from E3 soon!!

      2. Yeah, she is a great artist and her guides are so awesome!

        I want a new Animal Crossing too! I’ve been dying for one. I’m still bummed they never released one on the Wii U. It seems kind of odd that they didn’t. I love all the old games still, but it is nice to have a fresh start in a new game! 🙂

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