Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World!

Ever since the Poochy amiibo was announced last September, I wanted it so bad! I was happy that it came bundled with Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World for the 3DS, so of course I pre-ordered it the second I could!

On Saturday, I got a text from Amazon saying it was delivered, but oops! I accidentally had it delivered to my work instead of my house! I sent all of Michael’s Christmas presents to my work, so I just never changed the address. I normally don’t work Saturdays, and we are closed on Sundays, but I was SO tempted to drive to work and get it. Problem was, I was feeling very lazy. It takes me about 35 minutes to get to work, and I just wasn’t in the mood for the drive!

So Monday, the first thing I did when I got to work was open my package! I was so excited! The Poochy amiibo is even more adorable in person!


The game, of course, looks adorable as well! Michael and I just beat Yoshi’s Woolly World for the Wii U (which I will be writing about soon!) so I may not play this game right away, but I’m happy I have it!


Here’s a close up of Poochy, just because he’s too adorable!


Besides the Mega Yarn Yoshi, this might just be my favorite amiibo 😉 I’m such a sucker for cute things…

16 thoughts on “Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World!

  1. Yarn Poochy’s cuteness level is way over max! 🙂 I love mine too but I haven’t opened it yet. I have two cats and I fear they make take an interest in clawing him, haha.

    1. lol, I didn’t even think about the fact that my cat might enjoy playing with Poochy! 😉 I have the Mega Yarn Yoshi and the regular yarn Yoshi and she doesn’t bother them… she seems to like playing with plastic more than anything. She’s a weirdo ! 😉

  2. Your cat likes to play with plastic? lol. What kind of plastic? Plastic bags or something? My dog barks crazy at plastic bags when they are blowing in the wind on a windy day!! It’s so funny to watch her attack them! Anyways!! I’m totally jealous of your Poochy!! LOL. (You know what I mean!!) I want to get one soon!! Maybe you can put him on your game shelf where your kitty cannot reach him? However, if she doesn’t go after your Mega Yarn Yoshi, then I wouldn’t worry much about it. 🙂

    1. lol she will play with anything plastic… plastic bags, plastic ties, she will even chew on plastic containers! It is so weird. 😉 How cute about your dog! 🙂 Aww I hope you get Poochy soon! He is too cute! I don’t think my cat will bother him, so I’m not too worried 🙂

      1. Cats can be crazy little creatures sometimes! I only have just one cat.. (but wish I had more!) My hubby HATES cats. LOL. He always jokes about ways to run them over or kick them to the sky or whatever.. I don’t know how anyone could hate them. Anyway, but the cat we have is an outside, mouse kitty. She’s a natural hunter and loves to pounce on all kinds of animals.. not just mice.. mostly small creatures like birds. But sometimes she goes after squirrels and rabbits too. lol. It’s the first cat I’ve ever had that doesn’t really like me. She chooses her favorites and that happens to be my oldest kid. She isn’t exactly a loving or friendly cat, but she does seem to really love the boys. She’s a long haired scraggly thing and kind of ugly. ha ha.. Ugliest cat we’ve ever had. She’s been pregnant a few times, but for some reason has failed at keeping her kittens alive. Isn’t that strange? None of them have lived. Anyway, I do hope to get Poochy someday soon! I see him in Walmart sometimes and drool over him! LOL.

      2. Cats can definitely be weird, but they are so cute anyway! Aww I know your husband doesn’t like cats but that comment about what he wants to do to them makes me laugh! 😉 I am sure he wouldn’t actually do that! At least you have your outside kitty. I have 3 outside kitties at my work and they run away from everyone except me and my boss. We can pet them and feed them but no one else can come near them! Aww well I hope you get Poochy soon! I love him more and more every time I look at his cute little face! 😉

  3. lol, yeah, actually his cruel jokes about killing cats is quite funny whether you’re a cat lover or not! I try not to laugh at his jokes or encourage him, but cannot help myself sometimes. I remember as a little girl I would dream about marrying a man who loved cats and animals as much as I do. It’s funny that I fell in love with a man who actually doesn’t care much for animals at all.. yet the two of us are pretty much inseparable. So did you used to dream about the kind of guy you would marry too? lol. I think most girls do that. I think that’s so sweet that you have outside kitties at your work place! How cute… There is this little town nearby and it has a small newspaper printing company with 3 of the biggest, fattest, fluffiest kitties I have ever seen! LOL. The owner lets the cats out from time to time and they say hello to me and rub against me. Such sweet kitties. It reminded me of your cats at your store. ha ha ha.. 🙂

    1. Well I can have a pretty twisted sense of humor sometimes and I don’t get offended, so I’m sure I would laugh at your husband! 😉 Haha actually believe it or not, I didn’t really think much about marriage when I was younger! I even found a journal I wrote in when I was like 8 and one of the things I said was “there are 3 boys I like, but I am a tomboy, so love is nasty to me, so I just like them as friends” LOL!!

      Aww those kitties sound so cute! I love fluffy, fat cats! 😉

      1. ha haha.. I can imagine seeing you at 8 years old and writing in a journal! 🙂 Brandi the tomboy! I was a tomboy too because my dad raised us up like boys! However, I didn’t dream up about my wedding day exactly… It was more about what my husband would be like and the things we would do together.. I didn’t even bother planning our wedding when the day came.. My mom-in-law did all the planning. lol. But I remember being a child and thinking a lot about falling in love.. lol.. That part hasn’t changed about me. So you had 3 boys you liked at 8 years old? Well, that were your friends.. Yeah, at 8 years old I didn’t think much about boys. I cared more about my farm animals and going home to them every day after school! LOL. I think I was about 12 years old when I had my first real crush on a boy! I love fluffy cats too… LOL. My cat just had kittens the other day, but I’m not sure where she put them. They are outside hidden somewhere. She never has good luck raising kittens. They always die and I feel bad for them. She’s a horrible mother to her kittens and just loses interest in taking care of them! It’s so so sad! 😦

      2. Haha yeah I loved writing in my journals when I was younger! I always thought I was writing super secret stuff lol! Yep, I did have little crushes on 3 boys and one of those boys actually ended up becoming my first boyfriend, haha! That was so long ago it seems silly! Oh, I see what you mean about thinking moreso about what your husband would be like! I did that too. But when it came to an actual wedding, I really didn’t put too much thought into it haha! I have a friend that had a huge “wedding scrapbook” that she started in like middle school- she was obsessed with getting married!

        Aww, I hope this time your cat will take care of her little kittens! 😦 Some cats are pretty horrible moms though. One of our outside kitties at work (before she was spayed) had kittens and though she took care of them, she was always hissing at them! It was like she knew she had to take care of them but she didn’t want to lol!

      3. haha.. Yeah, at that age it does feel like writing super secret stuff! lol. I remember being like in 3rd grade and this boy named Chris would draw stick figures of a boy and girl kissing with hearts all over it and he would give me these drawings almost every day in class and he would tell me it was us kissing! ha ha ha.. I actually thought it was sweet and just smiled at him. And actually kept the little drawings he gave me too.. Oh, I have heard of those girls who obsess over their wedding day and planning it since they were little girls.. ha ha.. Crazy! I wasn’t one of those girls. I was more like you in the way of just wondering what my husband would be like.. 🙂
        So the last time I checked my cat, Hallie, still had her kittens and are still alive.. Although she doesn’t spend much time with them. She hides them and move them around the yard from place to place, so it’s hard to know where she keeps them sometimes. One of the kittens is solid white. Hallie is mostly gray. Maybe the daddy was white. Anyway, I will be surprised if those poor kittens live! She is a terrible mother kitty! lol.
        Ha, your shop cat hissed at her kittens all the time? ha ha.. Yeah, I don’t think Hallie is interested at all in taking care of hers either. She would rather go wander and do other kitty things. She doesn’t like staying in one spot for too long.

      4. Aww haha that is so cute about Chris in 3rd grade! I probably would have kept those drawings too 😉

        Aww glad Hallie’s kittens are still alive, for now anyway! Maybe they will make it! 😉

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