My Gaming Week in Review (2/05- 2/11)!



Yesterday, my in-laws came over for dinner and we were going to play a board game afterwards, but it was too hard for my mother-in-law to sit up and play one at the table. My husband surprised us all by bringing out Anticipation, a Trivial Pursuit type game made by Rare way back in 1988!


Michael and his parents used to play this game a lot when he was a kid, so it was a blast from the past for everyone! I myself did not play this game until Michael and I met 14 years ago, but it’s a fun game that I still enjoy playing from time to time.

We decided to play in teams; Michael and I on one team, his parents on the other. His mom was actually doing pretty good! Like I said, this game is similar to Trivial Pursuit. Your game piece moves along the board, and you land on a colored square. Each square has a different category. Some of the clues are pretty easy:


While others are extremely vague. None of us figured out what this was:


The goal of the game is to collect one square of each color in each of the three levels. Whoever passes all three levels first is the winner!


It was a close game, but Michael and I ended up winning. It was fun! It was nice to see my mother-in-law having some fun, since she hasn’t been feeling well lately. Anyway, playing this game made me really happy and I want to play it again soon!

P.S. Sorry for the glare that is present in all the above photos. From where I was sitting, it was hard to get a good picture!


I visited my little Animal Crossing village of Branvil this week for the first time in 5 months. The first thing I noticed when I started up the game was that it was snowing, yay!! I think the snow is one of my favorite parts of the game, especially since I never get to see any in real life!


Sydney moved away, which was a bummer. She’s a cutie!


Maple acted like she didn’t know me.


And Wart Jr. made me laugh with his crazy comment. Apparently I’m a real shady character…


And just like always, Queenie was a big BITCH to me! Why doesn’t she move the fuck away already!


I met my new neighbor, Buzz. He’s pretty handsome, I think!


He has kind of a weird house, though.


I found a snowball hiding in the flowers, which was kinda strange.


After saying hello to everyone, I spent the rest of my evening pulling weeds and shaking trees! I deposited some money in my bank account, too. I wish it was this easy to make money in real life!


Wii U

As I mentioned in my last post, my husband and I finished our playthrough of Yoshi’s Woolly World this week! What a great game it was. Since I’m going to do a separate blog post about finishing the game, I’ll leave you with a screenshot of an oddly-titled level we played!



Nintendo DS

I played just one level of The Legendary Starfy this week. Apparently the Hot-Spring Snapper (a really rude rock/ turtle thing) was terrorizing Hotcha Springs, and it was up to Starfy to stop him!


I had to outrun lava, which was super. It moved kinda slow, but I still almost died trying to take this picture!


The battle against the Snapper wasn’t too bad. I couldn’t get a decent picture of him to save my life, because he wouldn’t stay still!


I am now on Level 3-1 Chillydip Cove: Snow Starfy. This should be fun!



I played some more Cooking Fever this week. Β I’m still working on leveling up my Fast Food Court. It not really as bad as I thought it was going to be grind-wise- I find I can upgrade my stuff after playing one or two levels and getting some coins from them. I just don’t upgrade anymore when the upgrade requires gems, because I feel like I need to save my gems to unlock other places. Here are my current stats:


I am currently on Level 36 of the Fast Food Court. Only a few more levels until I am finished!


I also played more PokΓ©mon GO. I was very happy to catch a Growlithe- so cute!

I evolved my Ekans into an Arbok.

I also evolved my Exeggcute into an Exeggutor. Finally! Seems like that took forever.

I also played a game called Strike!Β Ten Pin Bowling.It’s a simple bowling game that both my aunt and my mom played awhile back- I don’t know if they still do or not! Anyway, it’s a fun, free little game that is a great way to pass a couple minutes.


For some reason, though, the game erased all my previous high scores! That annoyed me a little bit. Oh well, not like I’m very good at it anyway!


I played some Solitaire this week too, and it seems I’m back on my losing streak.




Finally played some Stardew Valley this week! I haven’t played this game for a couple weeks, and I missed it! πŸ™‚ Anyway, I continued clearing out my farm, and I came across this tiny, cute tree!


I ran into Haley, who was a bitch as always.


I finally figured out how to fish!


It’s really fun. I only managed to catch one fish and everything else I caught was trash, but it’s all good. I need to catch more fish, because I am broke!

One of my current objectives is to build a coop. With how expensive it is and how many resources I need, it’ll take me awhile!


One night when I went to sleep, a fairy came and made one of my crops grow. I don’t know what that’s all about, but thanks, little fairy!


I also grew to Level 1 Farming.


On the 10th of Spring, Year 1, I had a nice surprise when I woke up and was greeted by a friendly dog!


Marnie explained to me that he was a stray and asked if I wanted to adopt him! BUT OF COURSE I DO! πŸ˜‰


I named him Wicky as an homage to a disabled dog that I worked with who has been gone for almost 2 years now. His name was Nykon, but his nickname was Wicky! He was near and dear to my heart and I loved him so much.


While continuing to clear out my farm, I found a geode. When I took it to the blacksmith, it was some rare mineral or something, and it was advised that I donate it to the museum!


I didn’t even realize it, but when I donated it, I completed an objective in my journal, so I got a nice little reward for it!


I then grew to Level 1 Foraging.


I am currently on 11th of Spring, Year 1. This game is becoming addicting!


While my husband was out and about earlier this week, he came across some VR (virtual reality) headsets for only $6! They are compatible with both of our phones, so he bought one for each of us. I’m going to do a separate write up on this, but here’s a pic of the headset:


So, looks like I was able to do a lot more gaming this week! That’s always a good thing. Thanks for reading!

16 thoughts on “My Gaming Week in Review (2/05- 2/11)!

    1. That’s cool that you love Anticipation! It is so fun. Aww well the dog in the background of Solitaire is actually my boss’s dog, but I have worked with him since he was 8 weeks old, so he is extremely attached to me! He waits for me to come in to work every morning so we can play and snuggle! My boss says he pouts when I am not there, haha! πŸ™‚

  1. That VR headset looks like something else! Can’t wait to read your write-up on that! Also, I’ve heard of Anticipation mostly because of my love of Rare. What a fascinating game! I like trivial pursuit-like games, so I might need to find an old copy, haha. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yeah, if you can find Anticipation, definitely pick it up! It is so fun. I love Trivial Pursuit and other trivia games in general, so I enjoy playing games like this from time to time. Oh, my VR write-up is actually going to be my next blog post, so you will get to read it soon! πŸ™‚

  2. Wow, I have never heard of Anticipation! 1988? Actually, my very first time to play any Trivial Pursuit game was in 1998 when dating my husband! His family played it on the weekends a lot at the time! So I became to love play it too over the years and now our kids play it too!! I am sorry that your mom-in-law hasn’t felt good lately tho… I own The Legendary Starfy game too!! Great game!! It looks like you’re having fun with Stardew Valley!! Yeah, the fishing is frustrating sometimes.. because you get a lot of trash!! Good luck with it!!

    1. Anticipation is really fun! It’s a pretty simple game by today’s standards, but I love it anyway. That’s cute that your husband’s family played Trivial Pursuit on the weekends! I have several different versions of Trivial Pursuit, but I think the 90s one is my favorite πŸ™‚ Aw, have you beaten The Legendary Starfy? I love it! Yes, Stardew Valley is so cute! There is so much stuff to do it is almost overwhelming, but I am really having fun with it.

      1. The 90’s version of Trivial Pursuit is what I think we had before (while we were dating).. but somehow it got misplaced or lost I guess over the years. So the newest Trivial Pursuit is great to have nowadays! Have you ever played Catch Phrase? It’s an electronic game that you guess a word or phrase on the screen in teams and it buzzes really loud if your team doesn’t guess the correct answer in the right amount of time. I remember playing this game in the 90’s… but haven’t played it in so long! I noticed they made a new Catch Phrase recently and seen it in Walmart! Kind of pricey tho! $20. Yes, I beat The Legendary Starfy a long time ago! It was hard to beat! I love how colorful that game is tho! Stardew Valley is just one of those games that feel soothing on a bad day. ha ha.. πŸ™‚

      2. Well it’s always fun to have multiple versions of Trivial Pursuit anyway! πŸ˜‰ Oh yes, Catch Phrase is hysterical! We have one that came with a board and a newer version that is electronic. I think I spent $20 on it, lol!

        That’s good that you beat Starfy! I hope I do at some point. As always, though, I started playing another game instead of finishing that one, haha!

      3. Yeah, I would definitely love to have multiple versions of Trivial Pursuit too.. As a family, we spend hours just playing it. There is also an XBOX 360 of the game! We play it occasionally. Have you played it? Yes, Catch Phrase is very hysterical… Everyone gets loud during that game. ha ha ha.. Even I find myself yelling out words before the buzzer goes off and I don’t usually yell. ha ha.. But Catch Phrase is one of those games that people yell I think. Yes, I think it is $20. I need to buy a new Catch Phrase because our last one got lost.
        Yes, Starfy is so cute and fun.. I wish they made more games of him! Good luck finishing Starfy when you get back to it! LOL. πŸ˜‰

      4. No, I’ve never played the 360 version of it! I’m sure it’s a lot of fun though! Oh yes, Catch Phrase does cause a lot of yelling! Although my family is super loud anyway, so that’s not unusual lol!

        I do love Starfy too! They have several more games with him in it, but they are all in Japan only 😦 I thought about importing them at some point, if I can ever find them cheap!

      5. I’ll keep looking on Amazon and Ebay, maybe one will eventually turn up and I’ll buy it! You’re right, I’m sure they are great games! πŸ™‚

  3. Just found your blog! I really enjoyed this summary, it looks like you got in a lot of quality gaming time. I’ve also been inspired to revisit Animal Crossing after reading you post!

    1. Thank you so much! And thanks for the follow- I am following you back as well and I look forward to reading your blog! πŸ™‚ Glad I inspired you to revisit Animal Crossing- it is fun to see what your animal friends have been up to after you’ve been away for awhile!

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