Import Goodies, Round 2!

Last Monday when I got my wonderful copy of Poochy and Yoshi’s Woolly World and my Poochy amiibo, I also got a another surprise in the mail: たまごっちコレクション, or Tamagotchi Collection for the Nintendo DS! This is one of the games that I imported a few weeks ago.


I actually thought this game was similar to the Tamagotchi Connection Corner Shop games that came out for the DS (which I actually really enjoyed!) but believe it or not, this game is actually more similar to Tomodachi Life- just with Tamagotchis!


From what I understand, you actually turn into a Tamagotchi for some reason, and you can customize the way you look! You become friends with other Tamagotchis, play games with them, collect furniture to decorate your room with… it all sounds very fun and cute!


This game was released in Japan in 2011. It’s a shame it never made it to North America, it seems like a cute game! I’ll be sure to write about it when I play it! 🙂 I’m waiting on one more set of games that I imported, and they should be arriving any day now!

7 thoughts on “Import Goodies, Round 2!

  1. Tomodachi Life with Tamagotchi sounds like an interesting concept! I actually almost read this as Tomodachi Collection because I know you imported that a while back too. I can’t wait to read more about this! I had a Tamagotchi growing up and have always found them cute. Though I preferred my Pokemon Pikachu, which was Pokemon’s version of the digital pet.

    1. It does sound pretty neat, doesn’t it! I actually wrote “Tomodachi Collection” because I was thinking about that game, so I’m glad I proofread before I published it! 😉 Aw, I had a Tamagotchi too, and I loved it! As a matter of fact, I still have it! I never had a Pokémon Pikachu, though I did want one!

      1. Virtual pets like Tamogotchi, Pokemon Pikachu, and Digimon were so big back in the day! I may have played a Tamogotchi game for 3DS actually, but I don’t quite remember. I’ll have to check my Backloggery now haha. At the very least, Tamogachi seems to be making a comeback in Japan, so maybe we’ll see a sequel to this game in the future!

      2. I know they were! I had a ton of virtual pets, but the Tamagotchi was always my favorite. I used to sneak mine to school and check on it in between classes! 😉 I’ve always loved the Tamagotchi games even though they didn’t ever seem to receive great reviews, so I would love to see a sequel!

  2. Oh, the characters look so adorable! It all sounds so fun and adorable! I’m sad it never made it to North America too!! Cannot wait to see the images you put up when you play this!! I am super curious! I really need to get a hold of Tomodachi Life eventually too.. It sounds similar to Animal Crossing in a way too, you think? With collecting furniture and room decorating, talking and playing games with the characters… seems very fun!! 🙂

    1. It does look cute, doesn’t it! There are a lot of really adorable games that never seem to make it our way. Yeah, I think you would really enjoy Tomodachi Life! It’s so funny to see all the little characters you make interact with each other, and I love collecting all the different items!

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