First Impressions: VisionVR!

As I mentioned previously, my husband was out at a store and he found some VR headsets for only $6! That’s pretty cheap, so he picked one up for each of us. There are many different headsets out there, but this particular one is called VisionVR, made by a company called Soundlogic.


Out of the box, it looks pretty much how you would expect. Nothing fancy, and the headset is super light (which is a good thing, you don’t want something heavy hanging off your face!). For only $6, it is pretty well put together.

To put your phone in, you pop open the front cover. Your phone rests on a sticky pad, which is kind of a shame since as you are moving your head around, you can hear (and feel) the phone sliding back and forth a little bit. Not really a deal breaker, but I wish there was something else holding your phone so it doesn’t move.


My husband tried it out first, and he really enjoyed it. I have to tell you, though, there is something a bit unnerving about seeing someone sitting there with a big headset sticking off of their face, staring at a screen that you can’t see! It’s a little strange.

Anyway, I then tried out a couple of the apps he downloaded. The first one was a roller coaster app called Cedar Point VR. It’s based off of an actual roller coaster called Valravn.

Image result for cedar point roller coaster demo vr

I guess I should tell you: I HATE roller coasters! Rather, I hate riding them. I think they are cool, but my head does not think so. I get so dizzy! I sat through the ride anyway, and it was pretty neat. I did actually feel my stomach twisting and turning and I got a little dizzy, even though I knew I was not actually on the roller coaster!

Image result for cedar point roller coaster demo vr

I then tried a horror app called 11:57.

Image result for 11:57 app

In this app, you are basically strapped to a chair looking around while weird shit is out to get you! It was pretty cool, but I had to turn it off after about 2 minutes because my eyes and my head were starting to hurt. My husband watched it all the way through, and he said it was pretty cool.

Image result for 11:57 app


I think VR headsets are cool. The apps are neat, and I feel like this technology will continue to improve rapidly. I haven’t played Playstation VR at all, but I really want to at some point.

HOWEVER! I have one major problem with VR: it makes me sick! I get dizzy very easily anyway, and I do get motion sickness. For instance, if I am on a boat, when I get off, I still feel like I am on that boat for several hours, rocking back and forth. Sometimes I get disoriented just getting off of an elevator! It’s extremely annoying. With all this being said, I could not enjoy VisionVR for very long before I felt like I needed to get away from it. The next day after using it, I was slightly dizzier than normal. I think the VisionVR is something I will only be able to enjoy for a couple minutes at a time, which is a shame. 😦


20 thoughts on “First Impressions: VisionVR!

  1. That will be the biggest drawbacks of this fancy new VR tech: It gives a lot of people motion sickness. I tried out the Samsung VR device at a conference once. It was an Avenger’s themed demo. I remember my jaw dropped when Thor’s hammer zoomed over my head, haha.

    1. Yeah, I know! I’m hoping it gets better the more I play it, but I don’t know if it will or not. An Avenger’s themed demo sounds really cool! In store, I tried out a demo that had you sitting in a movie theater, and it looked pretty cool! There wasn’t much going on, so that’s probably why it didn’t make me sick, but it looked neat!

    1. Yeah and it’s a real shame, because I feel like I might end up missing out on some of the VR stuff! Ah well. I know, I’ve never seen one that cheap before! I think my husband said they were having a sale or something, because he saw the same headset at CVS for $20.

      1. $20 is still not bad! I would’ve thought it would’ve been closer to the hundreds. Hm, I may have to give it a try. I think I would like the roller coaster simulator. I don’t generally like to ride them in real life, because I’m a wuss puss, but I do like the view 🙂

      2. Well the Playstation VR is ridiculously priced, so I’m holding off on that for now! The roller coaster simulator is cool, I’m going to look and see if there are any more available! Haha, I’m a wuss too, don’t worry! 😉

  2. I am not a roller-coaster person either!! I did better with them as a kid, but as an adult.. NO. I’m pretty sure the VR headsets would make me feel dizzy and sick looking through it too.. I am not in any hurry to try them! ha ha ha… I don’t think my head could take them!!

    1. I think the last time I went on a roller coaster was probably 9 or 10 years ago? I just don’t think my head could handle it. I feel dizzy just getting on an elevator sometimes lol! VR headsets are fun, I just can only play them for a couple minutes at a time. If all gaming migrates over to virtual reality, I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up anymore!

      1. ha.. yeah, I agree.. If it all turns to virtual reality, I probably couldn’t keep up either! The elevators do the same to my head too… I’ve noticed that over the years that I get pretty dizzy just swinging in swings at the parks. I used to love swinging! Did it all the time as a kid and teenager! But now it makes me feel dizzy… makes me sad. 😦 But I still swing from time to time with my kids!

      2. Aww, I know how you feel! Sometimes I get dizzy if I turn my head too quickly, which is really inconvenient if I am driving! I take medication that makes me dizzy sometimes, so that doesn’t help either. Well, there will be plenty of games to keep me busy, so I probably won’t even care that I’m missing out on the virtual reality stuff!

      3. Do you get car sick any on long drives? My oldest son does sometimes.. so does my little sister! I normally don’t get car sick.. But when I was pregnant all 3 times I became car sick constantly! LOL.

      4. I don’t really get car sick in the sense that I feel sick to my stomach, but I do get really dizzy and get a bad headache sometimes. It seems to be worse when I am the passenger and not the actual driver. Aww, that’s weird that you got car sick during all your pregnancies! It must have been a hormonal thing maybe!

      5. My little sister gets car sick easily and so does my oldest son if we’re going on a long trip! Do you prefer to be the driver during long trips or the passenger? I do get headaches and dizzy if in the car too long also… or just plain tired! lol. Long trips in the car stress me out! lol.

      6. It’s easier on me if I’m the driver! But if we go on long trips, usually Michael drives because I suck so bad with directions and I hate a lot of traffic! Stresses me out too 😦

      7. I suck with directions too, and sadly, my oldest boy that drives is the same way. lol. I think he just doesn’t pay attention to where he’s going though.. lol. He’s improving which is good.

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