My Gaming Week in Review (2/11- 2/18)!


No console gaming this week!


Nintendo DS

I visited my Animal Crossing: Wild World town of Booland this week. I was looking through my pockets to see what I had, and for some reason I had this gas mask… so I put it on. Creepy, but I like it!


Elmer was crying because he missed me so much! Poor guy. He is also trying to move away, so I tried to convince him to stay in Booland. I don’t know if it worked yet or not!


Meanwhile, Robin found her way onto my Official Shit List. Piss off, Robin!


Luckily, Stitches was there to make me feel better. I just love that little guy!

Playstation Vita

Surprise! I picked up a Playstation Vita last Sunday! I went to a cool gaming store and got a whole bunch of goodies (goodbye, Christmas money!) so I’m going to do a blog post on that soon. The game I chose to buy with my Vita was Persona 4: Dancing All Night. I’ll be doing a First Impressions post of this game, so I won’t spoil anything here. In the meantime, check out the colorful loading screen!




Well, I beat Cooking Fever this week! At least, I beat the default restaurant that you start with (Fast Food Court). I reached experience level 9, which was nice.


After beating all 40 levels, this screen popped up.


And here are my stats after beating every level!


Now that I’ve cleared all the levels, I really don’t have much motivation to upgrade that particular restaurant any further. I have 2 additional restaurants I can unlock as of right now, so I’ll save my coins and gems for those. For now, though, I consider the game beaten. I’ll definitely come back to it to play the other restaurants at some point though!

I played quite a bit of Pokémon GO this week! I hatched 2 eggs: one was a Meowth, one was a Tentacool. Kind of disappointing, since I already have both of those. I was hoping for a Gen. 2 baby, but oh well!

I finally evolved my Metapod into a Butterfree!

Since I have all of Caterpie’s evolutions now, it was time to pick a new Buddy! I decided on Goldeen, since I only need 4 more candies before I am able to evolve it.

I was pretty excited when the update rolled out this week and many new Pokémon became available!


I caught quite a few of the new Johto Pokémon. The first one I caught was Furret, who was standing right on top of my dog!

I also caught Sunkern…



Cyndaquil…(I don’t know what happened to the picture I took as I caught it?)




and finally, Sentret!

I also reached Level 18 and earned a medal for registering 5 Johto region Pokémon to the Pokédex. Overall, it was a pretty successful week for Pokémon GO!

I finally got around to trying out Super Mario Run this week! I’m going to do a First Impressions post for this one too (geez, I have a lot of blog posts I need to write!) so here’s a pic of the loading screen! 😉



No PC gaming this week!


No misc. gaming this week!

So overall, I didn’t have a whole lot of free time for gaming this week. That’s always a bummer. At least I caught a bunch of new Pokémon and beat an iPhone game this week, so that’s progress! Thanks for reading!

23 thoughts on “My Gaming Week in Review (2/11- 2/18)!

  1. If you go back to the cooking game, don’t do the football stadium level, it’s an utter pain in the backside and seems to be designed for getting you to spend real money. The bakery was much more fun.

    1. Ok cool, thanks for the tip! I was actually planning on doing the bakery next. I looked at them both and the stadium did seem kind of like a money grab because it was sponsored, so that’s funny that you said that! Have you played any more levels besides those 3?

  2. Congratulations on the Vita! *I’m not jealous. I’m not jealous. I’m a little jealous lol* I’ve heard great things about Personal 4, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

    I LOVE the picture of the Furret on top of your dog. How perfect is that :3

    1. lol! I don’t know why I waited so long to get a Vita, but I’m glad I finally did! I’m having a lot of fun with this Persona 4 game, so I’m definitely interested in playing the other games in the series! Haha, my poor dog was so unsuspecting of the Furret! 😉

  3. Animal Crossing looks so cute! I’ve never played any of the games but I have Amiibo Festival on the Wii U, solely because it was the only way to get two Amiibo back in the day, haha.

    1. Animal Crossing is a great series! There is something really charming about living in a little village with animal neighbors that all have distinct personalities. Haha, I bought Amiibo Festival for the amiibos too! It’s an okay game, but it’s not really a “core” game and it’s nothing like the regular Animal Crossing games. The GameCube Animal Crossing is my favorite 🙂

      1. I bought it purely for Amiibo addiction reasons. My copy of the game still isn’t even opened yet, haha. I’ll have to track down that GameCube game someday!

      2. Haha! Yeah I’ve seen the GameCube version online for like $15- $20. The 3DS Animal Crossing (New Leaf, or New Leaf: Welcome amiibo if you get the updated version) is a lot of fun as well! 😉

  4. Ooh, congrats on your new Vita! I’d love to hear more about Persona 4: Dancing All Night! And wow, such great Pokemon GO pictures! I’m jealous of your Chinchou and Heracross, for sure! I’m having a lot of fun with the new Johto update too!

    1. I love the Vita so far! It’s a lot of fun! Persona 4: Dancing All Night is a pretty unique and fun game. It’s part visual novel, part rhythm game so it’s very interesting! Aw I’m sure you will find a Chinchou and Heracross soon! 🙂

  5. Yay!! Congrats on the Vita!! I finally came to the post where you are announcing your new Vita.. ha ha. The newer Pokemon look great!! Love the one on your dog!! ha ha.. They’re all so very CUTE. Is cooking fever anything like Cooking Mama? Just curious! 😉

    1. Thanks, I am loving the Vita! It’s a great little system that is highly underrated!

      Well, Cooking Fever is more like Diner Dash, if you’ve ever played that… you have customers that come up to the counter and place orders and you have to get their food and drinks to them! It gets really challenging after awhile. Cooking Mama is super fun though, I think you would enjoy it! You basically are given a dish you have to cook and there are several steps that go into preparing each dish. You get a medal based on how well you cook the dish, plus you can unlock other dishes, etc. I have several Cooking Mama games and they are all super fun! It’s perfect for when you have a couple extra minutes to spare!

      1. ha, I don’t know what Diner Dash is! Sorry! I think I’ve heard of it tho! I have been looking at Cooking Mama for quite some time and wondering if I should get it! I have never played any of the Cooking Mama games. They do look very interesting.. preparing each dish.. might make me hungry!! lol. Which Cooking Mama is your favorite?

      2. Oh okay! Diner Dash is kind of like a time management game. It’s fun but a little aggravating too! I really do think you would like Cooking Mama. And some of the dishes you make do look good enough to eat! 😉 I think I like the 1st or 2nd one the best, but all the ones I have are pretty fun!

      3. I don’t know what the 1st and 2nd Cooking Mamas are titled… Do you own all of them? There is one called Forest Friends that looks very interesting to me. And one called Camping Mama Outdoor Adventures that also looks fun! Well all of them look fun really!!!… Aren’t there like 5 or 6 of them? I see them on Amazon and want to play!

      4. The first one is just called Cooking Mama, and the second one is Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends! I am missing a couple of the Cooking Mama games but I have most of them! Yeah, I think there are around 6 of them… I can’t keep up with these things sometimes lol! I also have one called Gardening Mama that I bought for like 99 cents! I’ve never seen the Forest Friends one… but I’ve seen Camping Mama and it does look cute! The Cooking Mama games are great games to play if you only have a couple minutes to spare and want to play a little!

      5. So, did you know that they just came out with a new Cooking Mama game… called Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop! It came out today! I noticed it on Amazon.. I bet it’s cute.. They’re a quite a few of them, so it’s hard to choose which one to get first! Which one would you suggest? I don’t know if I will get one yet, but it would be good to know when I do!!

      6. No, I didn’t know about that game! I just looked it up, and it looks so adorable! I added it to my list of games I want to get 😉 Hmm… I would say just start with the very first Cooking Mama for the DS! It’s a great start to the series! Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends is really good too, so you can’t go wrong with that one either!

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