Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World!

Ever since the Poochy amiibo was announced last September, I wanted it so bad! I was happy that it came bundled with Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World for the 3DS, so of course I pre-ordered it the second I could!

On Saturday, I got a text from Amazon saying it was delivered, but oops! I accidentally had it delivered to my work instead of my house! I sent all of Michael’s Christmas presents to my work, so I just never changed the address. I normally don’t work Saturdays, and we are closed on Sundays, but I was SO tempted to drive to work and get it. Problem was, I was feeling very lazy. It takes me about 35 minutes to get to work, and I just wasn’t in the mood for the drive!

So Monday, the first thing I did when I got to work was open my package! I was so excited! The Poochy amiibo is even more adorable in person!


The game, of course, looks adorable as well! Michael and I just beat Yoshi’s Woolly World for the Wii U (which I will be writing about soon!) so I may not play this game right away, but I’m happy I have it!


Here’s a close up of Poochy, just because he’s too adorable!


Besides the Mega Yarn Yoshi, this might just be my favorite amiibo 😉 I’m such a sucker for cute things…

Doubutsu no Mori Game Guide!

Ever since I got Doubutsu no Mori (aka Animal Forest) in November 2015, I’ve been on the lookout for the corresponding game guide for it. I have guides for all of my other Animal Crossing games, so I felt the compulsive need to have one for this game, too. But as you can probably figure, finding a 16 year old guide that has been out of print for years and only available in Japan is not exactly easy to find!

I would find myself browsing Amazon and Ebay every couple months or so just to see if I could find it. I pretty much gave up hope of ever finding it because it NEVER came up in the search results. I even did an ISBN number search on Google to no avail!

As you may remember from this post, back in December I ordered some Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome amiibo cards from Amazon. That same day I ordered them, I decided to do one last search for that Doubutsu no Mori book. I couldn’t believe my luck: it actually popped up! One little seller from Japan had one copy of the book, and they were selling it for only $13 with $4 shipping! I didn’t hesitate to buy it, because who knows if I would ever see it again! About a week and a half ago, my little book finally came in, and I am so thrilled!

This guide book is excellent! It is very thorough and exactly what you would want for an Animal Crossing game. There are detailed explanations of holidays, item checklists, pictures of all the villagers, and much more!

I am so happy I finally found this guide book. I know it might seem like a silly thing to some people, but it is something I have been wanting for quite some time. And for only $17, I’m glad I finally have it! 🙂


My Gaming Week in Review (1/29- 2/04)!


Nintendo 64

I finally showed some loved to my poor, abandoned Doubutsu no Mori town of Weezey this week! Many of my villagers expressed their displeasure about the fact that they had not seen me in 5 months! Sorry, guys!


My favorite villager, Sutoroberi, told me I hadn’t spoken to her in 8 months, which is pretty sad!


The saddest thing, however, was when I spoke to Hippocrates and this dialogue popped up.

Hippocrates is kind of blending into his house… oops.

Roughly translated, he is saying that he waited around for me for 10 months and was excited, but then he wondered if I disliked him because he never saw me! Then he said something else that I didn’t translate and me being the click-happy fool I am, whatever response I chose made him sad! I KNOW he’s not real, but I still felt bad. I’m going to send him a present to try to make it up to him!

I found an igloo, so I popped in and had a visit with Hyakupa. I’m not really sure what is cooking behind her, but it kept inflating and deflating every few seconds. It’s different from the little pot of chowder that is in the localized version of Animal Crossing. If anyone knows what that is, please let me know! 🙂


Anyway, I actually played this game for a couple hours, just talking to my villagers and finding ways to make money so I can pay off my ungodly mortgage payment! I was playing as the sun was setting, and I like the way it looked in this picture!


One thing I noticed that was weird… despite the fact that I had not played in 5 months, not ONE weed was in my town! Not that I’m complaining or anything. Maybe weeds don’t grow in the winter in this game?

After a little while, I took a break from playing. When I loaded my game again, it was snowing!


This probably doesn’t sound overly exciting, but I know in Animal Crossing for the GameCube, the weather is what it is all day long and it doesn’t change.  So the fact that this game has weather changes throughout the day is pretty cool!

Since it was Saturday, I stopped by the railroad tracks and had Totakeke play a song for me. Don’t ask me what it was though, for some reason I couldn’t translate it!


I spent the rest of my time shaking trees and fishing so I could earn more cash! One of these days my mortgage will be paid off…

Ignore my eyeball. As usual, I got stung by bees.


Nintendo DS

I made some progress in The Legendary Starfy this week. I continued my journey in Hotcha Springs, where Starfy happily flew through the air, pushed upwards by hot steam…

Weee, he’s so happy!

And he also pushed some stupid rocks around to… pop some little fish so I could get through a door.

He doesn’t look like he’s having fun anymore…

Seriously. Pushing rocks around underwater kind of sucks. Anyway, Starfy also learned how to glide through the air so he could save these weird little octopi called The Squirts, who make a name for themselves telling really awful jokes.

Both Starfy and the octopus were moving when I took this pic, so it’s a little blurry. Sorry!

This game is kind of insane, but I like it! I left off on Level 2-4 Hotcha Springs: Hot-Spring Snapper Battle.

Nintendo 3DS

I checked on my little town of Tilt in Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome amiibo. The first thing I did was link my town to my Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer file. I’ve been meaning to do that since I got the game. 🙂 Now I can get exclusive furniture and all that fun stuff!


They gave me a Nook’s Homes Model as a welcoming gift. My house is way too small to display it right now, but I’m definitely keeping it!


While I was shaking trees, a washer/ dryer came out. Weird, but I’ll take it!


I discovered Gulliver for the first time on the beach! Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure I guessed where he was going incorrectly. Whoops!


Joan was camping at the campground that night. I haven’t seen her there before!


Even though I was playing pretty late and all the shops were closed, I still looked on Main Street. The Gardening Shop has been built!




Not really any mobile gaming this week. I did play a little Pokémon GO, but my progress was negligible.


No PC gaming this week!


No other gaming this week!

That’s it for this week’s gaming fun. Thanks for reading!

Goodies From Target and Best Buy!

In addition to my Amazon gift cards that I mentioned in my last post, I also received a Target gift card and a couple Best Buy gift card for Christmas! A couple weekends ago, I decided to put them to very good use and buy myself some fun stuff!

At Best Buy, I was browsing their amiibo for a bit. I really wanted the Boo amiibo, but it wasn’t in stock. I was bummed, but I ended up getting this guy instead…


What a neat looking amiibo! I don’t ever recall seeing this one in store before, and I’ve always liked R.O.B.

I also picked up a new game I’ve been wanting, as well as the strategy guide for it…

I typically try to get one Pokémon game from each generation, and I chose Moon because… well… I’m full of darkness! 😉

Then at Target, I came across two XBox 360 games that were on clearance that I couldn’t resist. Here’s the first one…


Rise of Nightmares kind of reminds me of the Saw movies and it just seems creepy and fun!

I was really surprised to see this on clearance…


Seriously?! Three Borderlands games PLUS all their add-on content for only $20? Seems like a pretty awesome deal to me! Now, I just have to find time to actually play all these games!

Why I Love… Kirby!

Something new I thought I’d start doing is make a blog post once a month (at the beginning of the month, if I can) about something video game related that I absolutely love. It may be a character, a game, a game system… hell it can even be about a level in a game if I want! I just thought it would be a fun little feature to give everyone more insight as to why I love the things I love! So for the very first “Why I Love…” post, I’m going to write about Kirby! 🙂

Image result for kirby

Now, considering my avatar is a picture of Kirby, most of you have probably already figured out that I love Kirby. First of all, I can’t get over how cute he is! He happens to be pink, which happens to be one of my LEAST favorite colors, but I overlook that because of how damn adorable that face is!

Image result for kirby
I can’t resist the cuteness!

My love for Kirby began right when his very first game came out for the Game Boy in 1992. For Christmas that year, my mom bought me a Game Boy (which came bundled with Tetris) and Kirby’s Dream Land. I immediately became enamored with the little guy and played that game over and over again. I remember asking my mom to let me stay up for “just 10 more minutes” almost every night so I could play more!

Image result for kirby's dream land
The game that started it all! 

As the years went by, I always bought every Kirby game that came out. My love for the little guy never faded! One thing that I always thought was great about Kirby is the fact that you can pretty much dump him into any game environment under any set of conditions and he can thrive. He’s been in platforming games, he’s been turned into a pinball, he’s been turned into a golf ball, he’s even been turned into yarn! Kirby is such a versatile character, moreso than almost any other character I can think of.

Image result for kirby copy abilities
Kirby also has an amazing amount of copy abilities- these are just some of them!

When I was 18, I decided to showcase my love for Kirby in a more permanent way, and I got a tattoo of him on my left ankle! I remember how excited I was to get that tattoo. The tattoo is over 12 years old now and it probably could stand to be touched up a little, but I still think it’s pretty cute. I’ve gotten many tattoos since then, but this is my only video game related tattoo.

Kirby, forever riding a Warpstar on my ankle!

As you can see, I grew up with Kirby. I have been playing his games for the past 25 years, and I will continue to do so for however many years they continue developing them! He was a huge part of my childhood, and I think that my propensity to be nostalgic at times keeps Kirby close to my heart. 😉 Thanks for reading!