Old Donkey Kong Stuff!

One of the things about moving is the undeniable fact that sometimes, your shit just gets shoved into a bag or a box and you don’t see it for months after you move in! There are still random bags and boxes laying around that we just haven’t had time to unpack yet, despite the fact that we have been in our new home for several months now.

One set of items I have not really put away yet are my socks! I’ve just been keeping them in a bag because I do not have a dresser (my old one was falling apart, so it did not come with me to the new house). Well, while going through the sock bag not to long ago, I uncovered these babies:


Can you believe this? Donkey Kong Country socks! Donkey Kong Country came out in 1994 for the Super Nintendo… and I’m pretty sure that’s when these socks came out. I was a kid so they were HUGE on me, but I wanted them so badly that I didn’t care. I wore them until they got holes in them and the designs got faded, but I never could bring myself to throw them away!

I also have been holding on to this:


This Donkey Kong Country 2 shirt has been around since 1995! I remember if you bought the game from Toys R Us, you would get this shirt as a free gift. I had gone with my mom and my grandma to the store that day to go Christmas shopping, but they would shoo me away anytime they picked up something for me, and I promised not to look in the cart. While they were checking out, I was standing a little ways away from them, but I noticed the cashier give my mom the DKC2 shirt! Nine-year-old-me knew the only way to get that shirt was to buy the game, so I knew I was getting it for Christmas that year! I didn’t say a word about it, though, because I didn’t want my mom to know that I had figured that out!

The shirt only came in adult Large, so the shirt was way too big for me anyway. My mom kept it for a few years, then gave it to me when I got a little older. It’s got a million holes in it, but I still wear it to bed every now and then if it’s super chilly! 😉

Four in February (in March) Progress, Week 3!

Well… damn. This week wasn’t very productive either!

One Game I’ve Been Playing Anyway: Super Mario Run!

I continued playing Super Mario Run a little bit this week, and I had enough Toads to unlock a Rainbow Bridge, which expanded my kingdom!


I haven’t put anything there yet (though I did get rid of the Thwomps) but I plan on decorating that area soon!

I was also really excited about the update which gives you the opportunity to unlock several different color Yoshis! I was not, however, impressed with the criteria for unlocking the Red Yoshi:


9999 total Toads and 1000 Yellow Toads?! Are they nuts? It’ll take me forever to get to that point!

Anyway, I’ve collected all pink coins up to World 2-1. It’s a bit of a grind to collect coins, but I’m not sick of it yet, so that’s a good thing.


One Game I Should Have Definitely Beaten By Now- Pokémon Blue!

Nothing to see here, carry on…

One Game I’ve Had Forever And Haven’t Touched- Harvest Moon: Animal Parade!

Yes! I did start playing this game! Go me! I’m gonna do a First Impressions post for it eventually, but here’s the title screen:


It is a really cute game and I love it so far! I’m currently on Year 1, Spring, Day 3.

One Game Together: ZombiU!

Sadly, no progress made here.

Bonus Game: Pokémon GO!

Friday night we finally went into an area where there are several Pokéstops, so I was able to replenish my stock of Pokéballs! I caught a couple new Pokémon, including Yanma…



and Seel!

What a bunch of cuties! I then evolved one of my Evees into Umbreon!

I also reached Level 19.


That’s it for my gameplay this week! I’m heading into the final week for my Four in February (in March) challenge, so let’s see if I can make more progress!

Import Goodies, Final Round!

Yeah, yeah, I actually got my last round of import goodies 2 1/2 weeks ago, but I’m slow posting stuff sometimes! Anyway! This last shipment contained the items I wanted the most, so I was really excited to receive them!

The first item I received was a Nintendo DS game called とっとこハム太郎  ナゾナゾ  雲の上の?城, which roughly translates to something like Tottoko Hamtaro: Nazo Nazo Q Kumonoue no ? Jou. What does that mean? Um… good question.  There isn’t a whole lot of information online about this game. However, I love Hamtaro, and this game was pretty cheap, so I couldn’t resist buying it!

Now onto one item I was SO EXCITED to get… どうぶつの森+, or Doubutsu no Mori+!

Quick history lesson here: どうぶつの森, or Doubutsu no Mori, was released for the Nintendo 64 in 2001, and is the first game in the Animal Crossing series (which I am completely obsessed with, obviously). Since the N64 was at the end of its life cycle, an “enhanced port” called どうぶつの森+, or Doubutsu no Mori+,  was released only 8 months later for the Nintendo GameCube.

Meanwhile, localization began in North America, and Doubutsu no Mori+ was released in 2002 as Animal Crossing. New content, altered events, and many other differences were present in the game. Nintendo of Japan was so impressed by Animal Crossing, they took that game, translated it back, and the result was…

どうぶつの森 e+, or Doubutsu no Mori e+! It was released for the Nintendo GameCube in 2003.

I am so incredibly excited to have these two games! Originally, I did not intend to purchase these games, but after realizing there were indeed many differences between these games and their American counterpart, I decided to take the plunge. I’m so happy that I did! I have yet to play either of these games, because I do not have a Japanese GameCube. That’s something that I’m working on and I hope to have really soon 😉

Also, I’m so pleased with the condition these games are in. They both came in their original boxes with complete manuals. Doubutsu no Mori + came with a memory card, while Doubutsu no Mori e+ came with an E-Reader. The only thing that was missing was 6 E-Reader cards that originally came with Doubutsu no Mori e+ (but not like I was expecting them anyway, since it is a used game!). The game discs look brand new, no scratches or scuffs. I’ve seen these games sold for rather high prices at times, but I paid $10 for Doubutsu no Mori+ and $17 for Doubutsu no Mori e+, so I got a great deal!









Four in February (in March) Progress, Week 2!

Well, I sucked even more this week than I did last week.

One Game I’ve Been Playing Anyway: Super Mario Run!

The only game I made progress on this week was Super Mario Run, and I actually beat the game! That’s an accomplishment, at least! I played through a couple tricky World 6 levels, including a damn ghost house that I don’t know how I got through on my first try! I also played a pain in the ass airship level that killed me a couple times.

Finally, it was time to take on Bowser! He was actually really fun to play. It took me a few moments to figure out what I was supposed to do, which was have Mario automatically jump over Bob-ombs, which in turn flings them into Bowser. The challenge here comes from the fact that the screen is, of course, always moving, there are tons of platforms to jump on/ jump down from, and there is fire everywhere. After a few hits, Bowser was toast, and Princess Peach was saved!

Also, since I beat the game, I unlocked Princess Peach as a playable character.


Now, my goal is to collect all the special coins in each level, as well as unlock the rest of the characters. I hate how you have to get Toads from Toad Rally to do that, though. Toad Rally can be a pain! I only need 11 more Yellow Toads to unlock Yoshi, so I’m hoping that’ll happen soon! As of right now, I’ve collected all the pink coins up to World 1-3.

One Game I Should Have Definitely Beaten By Now- Pokémon Blue!

Nope. I did, however, charge up my GBA, so maybe I’ll get some playtime in next week?

One Game I’ve Had Forever And Haven’t Touched- Harvest Moon: Animal Parade!


One Game Together- ZombiU!


Bonus Game- Pokémon GO

Since I ran out of PokéBalls and am too lazy to get more, I didn’t make much progress in Pokémon GO this week. I did, however, evolve my Goldeen into a Seaking…

Since I didn’t need Goldeen to be my buddy anymore, it was time to choose a new buddy! I almost have enough candies to be able to evolve Drowzee, so he is now my buddy!


That’s it for this week. I really had hoped to make more progress, but as always, real life gets in my way. At least I got one game beaten, so even if I don’t beat the other 3, this challenge won’t be a total bust! 😉






Four in February (in March) Progress, Week 1!

I’ve decided to forgo my normal “Gaming Week in Review” posts in favor of writing about my progress in the Four in February (in March) challenge! How did I do my first week? Pretty shitty, it turns out! Look at me, I’m not even writing this post until halfway through the second week! Haha, I am not very good at meeting deadlines… anyway, here’s my progress for each game!

One Game I’ve Been Playing Anyway- Super Mario Run!

I actually did make pretty decent progress in Super Mario Run this week. I kicked ass so hard in Toad Rally, the person I was up against didn’t have any Toads left!


I leveled up my kingdom to Level 5!


Here’s a few screenshots from my gameplay this week.

At the end of last week, I was on World 5-4 Rings of Fire! I’ve since passed that level, but that will have to be discussed in the Week 2 post! 😉

One Game I Should Have Definitely Beaten By Now- Pokémon Blue!

Nope, haven’t touched it. I keep meaning to charge up my Game Boy Advance SP so I can make some progress, but it just hasn’t happened yet.

One Game I’ve Had Forever and Haven’t Touched- Harvest Moon: Animal Parade!

Still haven’t touched it.

One Game Together- ZombiU!

Michael and I have made progress in ZombiU! I’m not quite sure how far we are- I haven’t read about it or watched any videos so I don’t spoil anything. We are having fun trying to get the hell out of London!

This game is not easy. The controls are a little odd to get used to, you have limited ammo, and once you die, your character is forever dead! Luckily, there are many potential characters to play as, so once you kill one off, another one is immediately ready to play where you left off.

This zombie’s face cracks me up!

One thing that annoys me a little bit about this game is the fact that I often feel like I am running fool’s errands- go fetch this, go sneak into this building, no wait go back into the first building, hang on, now I need a random fucking book- I feel like this “Prepper” guy along with the doctor in the Buckingham Palace are just trying to get us killed!

The game is also a little glitchy. We died at one point because a room was completely empty so we walked through it, then turned to walk back out only to find that there were at least 7 zombies in there! Another time, we got completely stuck to a wall and couldn’t turn around.

Despite my complaints, I am still really having fun with this game! I’m interested to see where it all ends. Currently, our mission is to Raid the Military Armory.

Bonus Game- Pokémon GO!

I mostly always play a little Pokémon GO during the week, so why not add that to my little weekly review? I’m pretty low on PokéBalls, so I couldn’t play very much. However, I still managed to catch a Marill…

a Swinub…

a Chikorita…

and a Wartortle!

Well, I kind of sucked at playing my chosen games this week. Hopefully Week 2 will be a little more successful! 🙂


This Might Seem Silly, But…

For some reason the other day, I was thinking about games I used to play that I don’t anymore. Mostly games in this category consist of browser-based games that don’t exist anymore, but there is one game that popped in my mind that was a very popular game about 8 years ago…

Related image

Yes, I was thinking about FarmVille! I have no idea if people still play this or not. I checked FarmVille’s Wikipedia page, and it hasn’t really been updated in a couple years. A quick Google search revealed some complaints on a forum about how farms have been deleted or reset, and those complaints were posted last year, some as recent as December 2016! Anyway, I just felt like taking a little trip down memory lane and writing a little bit about my FarmVille days!

It was a co-worker of mine that first introduced me to FarmVille. It was 2009, and I was working the front desk at a bowling alley. We had periods of downtime, so one day she brought her computer in to show the game to me. She was SO excited about it and showed me how you could have a cute little farm, grow crops and raise animals! It was like Harvest Moon, but online!

Image result for farmville farms
That is A LOT of crops!

There was just one problem- I did not want a Facebook page! I already had a MySpace page (god, how old do I sound?!) and quite frankly, I thought Facebook was boring. However, that little game with the catchy background music and cheerful sprites finally piqued my curiosity, so I signed up for Facebook and started playing!

At first, it was SO MUCH FUN! I found myself signing on every day to play. I did not care about the social aspect of Facebook at all- I literally got on just to play games. I played the hell out of FarmVille for several months. My little farm grew and grew, and tending to it was a blast!

Image result for farmville
I was never this creative with my farm…

Soon, almost everyone I knew was playing FarmVille. I told my stepdad about it, and he played it so much that he got to a high level very quickly and I couldn’t keep up with him! My husband even made a Facebook page just to play it.

Related image
Just… wow. How much time did this take?! 

After awhile, though, the game began to get annoying. For instance, you needed a certain number of friends to send you items so that you could build new buildings. Or you had to sign on a certain number of days in a row to get something. Or the price of an item that was crucial for progress was so unattainable, you needed to spend real money to get it! I wasn’t about to start begging people to send me stuff, so I got aggravated and played less and less until finally, I just decided that I wasn’t going to play anymore. I’m pretty sure this was sometime in early 2011…

Image result for farmville ask friends
Shit like this was just aggravating…

For me, that was a sad decision. I grew to love my little farm, and I enjoyed the game immensely in the beginning. I just couldn’t stand behind the new format of the game that forced you to be social and relied on you to get stuff from your friends.

By the way, I deleted my Facebook back in like 2012 (so did my husband, since he quit playing too). I never used it much outside of playing games anyway! I don’t really like social media at all. I do have a Twitter that I use just for following some of my favorite bloggers and companies (and I follow many of you guys on there!) but I don’t write anything on it.

Anyway, it was really fun thinking about FarmVille! I still half-wish that it would be re-released in a single player format, but I doubt that will ever happen. Besides, I have all of the Harvest Moon/ Story of Seasons games, plus Stardew Valley, to get my farming fix! 😉

First Impressions: Super Mario Run!


I actually started typing a blog post for my Four in February (in March) progress, but I scrapped it because I realized I STILL never wrote a First Impressions post for Super Mario Run! I mean, I started the game last month, have played it quite a bit, and still haven’t written anything about it! So, I figured I would get that out of the way now, before I actually beat the game! 😉

The first time I loaded Super Mario Run and clicked on the screen, I thought it was so weird that I was playing a Mario game on my phone! The sights and sounds were all very familiar, but it still felt strange. I guess I never thought that some of my favorite video game characters would one day be featured in smart phone games!


Anyway, the premise is the same as most other Mario games: Princess Peach gets her ass in trouble, and Mario’s gotta go save her. Doesn’t that bitch EVER learn?

When you load your game, you start out in a hub area. Here, you can select your game mode, see how many toads you have, play a bonus game, and more!


World Tour is the main game, and it consists of 6 Worlds with 4 levels each (the last level of each world is a boss). The first three levels were free, and after that there is a one-time purchase price of $9.99 for the full game.


I played through the first three levels and I had a blast! The controls are pretty easy to get used to. Mario runs on his own, and you tap the screen to jump. That doesn’t mean the game isn’t challenging though- some parts can be pretty tricky!


The graphics are really great, and the music is fitting for a Mario game.

Besides the World Tour, there is another game mode called Toad Rally. In this mode, you race against other players (not in real time, more like their “ghost”) to see who can impress more Toads. You get points for your jumping style, collecting coins, etc. This mode is fun, but can be a little difficult too. If you win, more Toads are added to your kingdom, which allows you to level up your kingdom and unlock different characters!

Speaking of your kingdom, you can use coins you earn to decorate it. You can also unlock certain characters by placing their houses down, which is pretty neat! Here is a current picture of my kingdom (it’s currently at a Level 4):


Not very impressive yet, but I have a lot of coins to spend, so I will probably decorate it soon!


I actually love this game! I feel like it is the perfect way to relax for a couple minutes. You can play this game for long periods of time, but I prefer to just play one level a day (when I do play, sometimes I’ve missed a day or two!) and that gives me something to look forward to. Obviously, I spent $9.99 for the game, which I did think was a little expensive for a mobile game at first. But with 3 different sets of special coins in each level and 5 other characters to unlock and play as, I decided it was worth the money. Hopefully Nintendo will add more levels to this game in the future!

In the meantime, here are some screenshots from the levels I’ve played through so far. Enjoy!