Why I Love… Super Mario RPG!

Since last month I featured my favorite video game character, this month I figured I would share my favorite video game of all time with you! So, without further ado, this is Why I Love… Super Mario RPG!

Image result for super mario rpg legend of the seven stars
Box art.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars was released in 1996 for the SNES, or Super Nintendo. I was 10 years old at the time and was already madly in love with video games! Back in the day (haha, I know I sound old) there was no looking up videos to watch gameplay- you either saw screenshots for the game in a magazine or if you were lucky, a store you went to had a demo and you were able to check it out! That was the case for me. I went to Best Buy with my mom one day and there was a demo of a new RPG featuring Mario. Now, I had no clue what RPG even stood for at the time, but I checked it out anyway! As I played through the Forest Maze area on the big screen tv, I knew right then I HAD TO HAVE THAT GAME! Something about it just sucked me right in.

Image result for super mario rpg forest maze screenshot
Forest Maze, my intro. to this awesome game! 

I don’t remember if my mom bought it for me that day or if I had to wait until I got my report card to make sure I got good grades (Mom would typically buy me a video game for getting good grades, and trust me, that was excellent motivation!), but I was so excited to own this game!

Image result for super mario rpg screenshot
Title screen.

One of the top reasons I love this game is the epic soundtrack! I could listen to the music from Super Mario RPG all day long. Every song perfectly fits the level it is assigned to, and there is a wide range of tunes to fit every mood in the game. Some of my favorite music includes “Beware the Forest’s Mushrooms” from the Forest Maze and “Barrel Volcano” from… well, from the Barrel Volcano! If you want to listen to the soundtrack, search it up on YouTube… it’s awesome! 🙂

Image result for super mario rpg screenshot
The Barrel Volcano area looked bad ass and had awesome music too!

Another reason I love Super Mario RPG is the fact that it really gave a lot of the characters in the Mario universe dimension while introducing us to a whole new cast of characters. For instance, it was refreshing to see another side to Bowser as his castle was taken over, and it was great fun to have him team up with Mario! I also loved the totally bad ass Geno, the insane Booster, and the maniacal Smithy.

Image result for super mario rpg characters
Just some of the many colorful characters in this game!

Talking about the characters brings me to another huge reason I love this game… the storyline! It was so cool to see the Mushroom Kingdom and all the surrounding areas brought to life in the most unique ways. There certainly had never been a Mario story as expansive as this one before, and it blew me away.

Image result for super mario rpg bowser
Turns out that Bowser is the least of Mario’s worries in this game!

Another big plus for me is the replay value of this game. I have played through this game so many times, yet I still enjoy the journey every time! I have maxed out all my character stats, found every hidden item, exploited every secret… and yet I still come back for more! Even though this game is now 21 years old, I still love it just as much as when it first came out and I was a wide-eyed kid playing a demo of it at Best Buy.

Image result for super mario rpg party members group
This part of the game was so bizarre…

These are just a few simple reasons why Super Mario RPG is my favorite video game ever. I’m still hoping for a direct sequel or at least a remaster of it at some point, but in the meantime, I’ll still be playing it on the original SNES cartridge! (Oh, and on Virtual Console too!).