Four in February… in March!

I learned about the Four in February challenge from my friend The Shameful Narcissist a couple weeks back, and I thought it was pretty neat! Basically, the Four in February challenge is a fun way to clear some of your gaming backlog by picking four games that you want to beat in the month of February!

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Now, I didn’t even know about this until February was halfway over, and I didn’t want to participate in something for only half of a month. That would put me at a bit of a disadvantage! So, I decided to break the rules and participate in Four in February… but in March! I make my own rules. 😉

I came up with 4 different categories for my games: One Game I’ve Been Playing Anyway, One Game I Should Have Definitely Beaten By Now, One Game I’ve Had Forever and Haven’t Touched, and One Game Together! Here’s the games I’ve chosen for each category:

One Game I’ve Been Playing Anyway

This one was an easy one to pick. Every night after I get out of the shower, I play a level of Super Mario Run for the iPhone! Yes, I realize playing one level a day might be considered dragging the game out and I could easily have the game beaten in a day or so if I sat there and actually played it straight through, but this way I have something to look forward to every day! I’m in the 4th World already, so I should be able to finish this game up this month.

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One Game I Should Have Definitely Beaten By Now

Oh man… for this category, I shamefully pick Pokémon Blue for the Game Boy. I love this game, it’s adorable, it’s awesome… I only have one badge. I’ve only caught like 13 Pokémon. I don’t know what my problem is. This game must be beaten.

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One Game I’ve Had Forever and Haven’t Touched

I love Harvest Moon. I have several of the games, but one that I was really excited about was Harvest Moon: Animal Parade for the Wii. I loved the fact that the game was focused on owning animals, and I couldn’t wait to play it. That was in 2008. Do you think I’ve ever played it? Nope.

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One Game Together

As you know, Michael and I will pick a game to play through together, which is a lot of fun! A couple days ago we started up ZombiiU for the Wii U! We will definitely be playing more of this game in the coming days. It’s a fun game!

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Well, there is my list of games! Hopefully I can at least make some progress with each of these games, even if I don’t end up beating them all. I’ll make sure to write about my progress throughout the month! 🙂