First Impressions: Persona 4: Dancing All Night!

As you know, a few weeks ago I picked up a PlayStation Vita along with Persona 4: Dancing All Night. This game is a sequel to Persona 4: Golden, which I have not played yet.  Here are my first impressions of the game!


When I first started playing, I was greeted with a cheerful title screen. That disco ball has a cute face on it!


There are several different game options, but I chose Story Mode, because I have no idea what I’m doing.


Since this game is part visual novel, part rhythm game, there is quite a lot of reading. The game starts out with some girls talking about a freaky website.


Apparently you see some dead chick, pass out, and wake up in “The Velvet Room.”


Here you will learn about Rise and the rest of the Persona 4 crew as they practice for an upcoming dance festival. So far,the story is told through Yu’s eyes, but I don’t know if that changes as you progress through the story. Even though I wasn’t familiar with the characters, it’s easy to get to know them.


One thing that makes me laugh about this game is how character’s are first described before you figure out their names. Some of them are nice…


While others seem just rude!


Poor “extremely plain girl!” 😉

Anyway, I got up to the point where you meet the Kanamin Girls and they give an interview. They describe themselves very… strangely…



I really like this game so far! Even though this game is actually a sequel, I don’t feel lost playing it. The game does a good job of explaining who everyone is. So far a lot of it is reading and making the occasional decision, but I know the rhythm part will kick in soon. I wanted to play through Story Mode first, then work on Free Dance mode (where all the songs are available).

11 thoughts on “First Impressions: Persona 4: Dancing All Night!

  1. Awesome! I’m so glad to hear more about this game! I honestly don’t know much about the Persona series, even though I have an unplayed copy of Persona 4 Golden (oops). I’d love to try this out, mostly because I like both visual novels and rhythm games, and this looks like a fun combo of the two! I’ll have to play through P4G sometime soon so I can buy and appreciate this game too. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. I don’t know too much about the Persona series either, but I like what I’ve learned about it so far! I think you would like Dancing All Night! Oh, and I can relate to having unplayed games, haha! 😉 I’ve heard great things about Persona 4 Golden so I can’t wait to play that as well! 🙂

  2. You got a PlayStation Vita recently? Well, congrats on that! That just shows how incredibly behind I am at reading your posts! HA. HA. I have heard of the Persona series, but don’t know much about it. This really looks like an interesting game! So it’s a visual novel/rhythmic game? Interesting… I love games with a lot of reading in it of course, so.. I want to look at this game more! It’s good that you don’t feel lost even though it is a continuation of the series! Always good when they can do that.

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