My Gaming Week in Review (2/26- 3/04)!


Nintendo Wii

I popped in to say hello to my villagers in my Animal Crossing: City Folk town of Spookie this week. The snow has melted, and spring is here!


So much green! I love all seasons in Animal Crossing.


I was getting ready to say hello to everyone when I realized I had a letter in my mailboxΒ from Queenie that I apparently already opened. I didn’t remember getting a letter from her, so I read it (again).


HAHA YES! BYE BITCH! I don’t know how I forgot she moved away from my town, but I am very happy anyway!

Prince let me know that I had been gone for 8 months. Sorry buddy! Real life really gets in the way of my gaming life sometimes.


Angus was all packed up and ready to move out, but I never got an option to be able to change his mind no matter how many times I talked to him! Bummer. He’s kinda cool.


I went into Nan’s house and was fascinated by the fact that she had a dung beetle as a pet. It was rolling poo round and round. Who wants a pet like that?


Bella came up with a new nickname for me. I’ll take it, I guess…


Nintendo Wii U

As I mentioned in my Four in February… in March! post, Michael and I recently started playing ZombiU together! It’s a really fun game that makes you think about the actions you are taking- you can’t just run in, guns blazing, and kill all the zombies. I will write more details about our progress when I do an update on my challenge later this week, but for now, here’s the box art for ZombiU!



No Handheld Gaming this week!



But OF COURSE I played more PokΓ©mon GO this week! I caught a Wobbuffet…

a Murkrow…

a Ledyba…

a Wooper (who is SO CUTE)…

a Remoraid…

and a Party Hat Pikachu! Yay! He just randomly popped up in my house. I don’t know why, but I really love the special edition Pikachus πŸ˜‰

I also played Super Mario Run. Obviously I haven’t written a First Impressions post of it. By the time I do, it’ll be more of a review, because I’ll be done with the game! Anyway, here’s the level I left off on:



No PC gaming this week!


No Misc. gaming this week!

So yeah, not a lot of time for gaming this week at all. I spent a few hours on ZombiU, but other than that, my game time was limited. That sucks!

14 thoughts on “My Gaming Week in Review (2/26- 3/04)!

    1. Ah, that’s true, gun laws are tough in England! I didn’t even think about that! πŸ˜‰ Honestly I find myself just using the cricket bat more than anything, because bullets are scarce!

    1. Aww, yeah I just love all the Animal Crossing games. They are so relaxing and cheerful! I just hooked my Wii back up after it had been unplugged for almost 5 months since we moved, so mine’s been neglected too! πŸ˜‰

      1. lol hopefully your cats didn’t ruin it! πŸ˜‰ I am so uncoordinated, so I am terrible at the DDR games, but I actually have DDR Mario Mix for the GameCube, and it’s a lot of fun! Makes me want to play it again just thinking about it πŸ™‚

      2. There’s a Mario Mix?? And it’s on GameCube? Ack! Why don’t people tell me these things lol. I had no idea a DDR game existed for GC and it was Mario based. I love DDR. I once lost a bunch of weight pretty much doing only that hehe. My knees are really bad, so I often have to turn off the simultaneous arrows, but I’m surprisingly spry for my size :p
        I have pictures of my cats laying right in the middle of the pad. It’s adorable, annoying, and hilarious, which is pretty much how you define a cat. I think it’s because the pad is cool? Who knows why those little aliens do what they do :p

        I’ve always felt that DDR was about having fun. Hell, dancing in general is about having fun. Who cares how uncoordinated you are πŸ˜€

      3. Yes and it’s so fun! I remember for some reason it was hard to get (it had something to do with the gamepad being remade by a different company, I think) but my husband surprised me with it for Christmas! There is another GameCube DDR game that my friend had called MC Groovz Dance Craze that was pretty fun! She used it for exercise and lost weight too! πŸ™‚ Aww sorry you have bad knees! I think all my joints are getting pretty bad, but I still like to have fun with games like this!:)

        Your cats sound too funny! My cat lays on the weirdest things too. She especially loves to lay on paper/ magazines and shoes!

      4. I might have to look into finding that! I had no idea the GameCube had DDR. I’m glad I still have one, and I’m pretty sure it still works.

        I’m just happy I can still play even if I have to modify how I do it a bit πŸ™‚

  1. Isn’t it so funny and sad how the AC villagers get so sad about your absence? Yes, such emotional little things. lol. Well, at least you got rid of Queenie.. Poor Prince, what a sad looking frog! My City Folk villagers are probably missing me too!! 😦 I need to see them!!

    1. It is, and I feel so bad when they say how much they’ve missed me! Poor little things! Yes, bye bye Queenie! πŸ˜‰ Aww you should go visit your villagers! I wish I could keep up with all of my Animal Crossing towns all the time, but that would require some serious time! I have to settle for a little bit here and there. 😦

      1. Our little Animal Crossing friends are quite needy and clingy, aren’t they? lol. I think that just makes me love them even more so.. Yes, it would take serious time to visit every villager all the time. If life didn’t keep us so busy, we could dedicate all our time making our villagers happy.. but life doesn’t allow it. Darn.. ha ha.

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