This Might Seem Silly, But…

For some reason the other day, I was thinking about games I used to play that I don’t anymore. Mostly games in this category consist of browser-based games that don’t exist anymore, but there is one game that popped in my mind that was a very popular game about 8 years ago…

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Yes, I was thinking about FarmVille! I have no idea if people still play this or not. I checked FarmVille’s Wikipedia page, and it hasn’t really been updated in a couple years. A quick Google search revealed some complaints on a forum about how farms have been deleted or reset, and those complaints were posted last year, some as recent as December 2016! Anyway, I just felt like taking a little trip down memory lane and writing a little bit about my FarmVille days!

It was a co-worker of mine that first introduced me to FarmVille. It was 2009, and I was working the front desk at a bowling alley. We had periods of downtime, so one day she brought her computer in to show the game to me. She was SO excited about it and showed me how you could have a cute little farm, grow crops and raise animals! It was like Harvest Moon, but online!

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That is A LOT of crops!

There was just one problem- I did not want a Facebook page! I already had a MySpace page (god, how old do I sound?!) and quite frankly, I thought Facebook was boring. However, that little game with the catchy background music and cheerful sprites finally piqued my curiosity, so I signed up for Facebook and started playing!

At first, it was SO MUCH FUN! I found myself signing on every day to play. I did not care about the social aspect of Facebook at all- I literally got on just to play games. I played the hell out of FarmVille for several months. My little farm grew and grew, and tending to it was a blast!

Image result for farmville
I was never this creative with my farm…

Soon, almost everyone I knew was playing FarmVille. I told my stepdad about it, and he played it so much that he got to a high level very quickly and I couldn’t keep up with him! My husband even made a Facebook page just to play it.

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Just… wow. How much time did this take?!Β 

After awhile, though, the game began to get annoying. For instance, you needed a certain number of friends to send you items so that you could build new buildings. Or you had to sign on a certain number of days in a row to get something. Or the price of an item that was crucial for progress was so unattainable, you needed to spend real money to get it! I wasn’t about to start begging people to send me stuff, so I got aggravated and played less and less until finally, I just decided that I wasn’t going to play anymore. I’m pretty sure this was sometime in early 2011…

Image result for farmville ask friends
Shit like this was just aggravating…

For me, that was a sad decision. I grew to love my little farm, and I enjoyed the game immensely in the beginning. I just couldn’t stand behind the new format of the game that forced you to be social and relied on you to get stuff from your friends.

By the way, I deleted my Facebook back in like 2012 (so did my husband, since he quit playing too). I never used it much outside of playing games anyway! I don’t really like social media at all. I do have a Twitter that I use just for following some of my favorite bloggers and companies (and I follow many of you guys on there!) but I don’t write anything on it.

Anyway, it was really fun thinking about FarmVille! I still half-wish that it would be re-released in a single player format, but I doubt that will ever happen. Besides, I have all of the Harvest Moon/ Story of Seasons games, plus Stardew Valley, to get my farming fix! πŸ˜‰

12 thoughts on “This Might Seem Silly, But…

  1. Awesome! I’ve never actually played Farmville, but I could see the appeal especially as a browser Facebook game. Love Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons for my farming fix though!

  2. I’ll admit I played a bit of this and “Mafia Wars” back in the day. Once I realized their ultimate goal is to use you to recruit more potential paying customers, the game got pretty boring fast. πŸ™‚

    1. Someone tried to get me to play Mafia Wars, but I gave up on it really quickly for some reason. Besides FarmVille, I played a lot of Happy Aquarium! That game was so cute. It also wanted you to ask people for help, but that had a forum set up to where you could post your aquarium there and random people would click on it and help you. I didn’t mind that as much, but it still got old after awhile!

  3. I played Farmville too back in the day!! Oh, my, gosh… that seems years ago now!! I have never been a facebook fan (still am not!), but Farmville was one of those few games I got on to play too! I had a Myspace page that I would visit more often at the time. I still have my facebook page, but I rarely get on it to do anything. Not very social at all. lol. I didn’t spend hours and hours on Farmville, but it was one of those games that stuck with me. It had me hooked and I would play a little every day. But like you and probably many others out there, I got annoyed with how they were changing it to making you spend real money or begging friends to help and all that. No thank you.. so yeah, I was no longer interested. However, yes, at least we have other (better) kinds of farming games to play now anyhow.. πŸ™‚

    1. Haha I know, it does seem like forever ago that FarmVille was a thing! I still can’t believe I made a Facebook just to play! Too bad it got really annoying. It was fun while it lasted! I loved my MySpace page lol, is that sad? I liked the way you could customize it!

      1. ha… I miss Myspace too and loved to customize.. if that’s sad, then we’re both sad. lol. You can customize Twitter, but it’s not the same. lol. 😦

  4. That was a wise decision. I never liked the game myself( as you know)and seenyou have thousands of games anywayπŸ˜„

  5. I heard Farmville could become quite the black hole if you let it. Seems like it would be a better idea to stick with the single-player farming games.

    1. Yes, it was definitely an addicting game! I just never wanted to “beg” my friends for anything! I agree, playing Harvest Moon/ Story of Seasons or Stardew Valley is a much safer bet πŸ™‚

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