Four in February (in March) Progress, Week 1!

I’ve decided to forgo my normal “Gaming Week in Review” posts in favor of writing about my progress in the Four in February (in March) challenge! How did I do my first week? Pretty shitty, it turns out! Look at me, I’m not even writing this post until halfway through the second week! Haha, I am not very good at meeting deadlines… anyway, here’s my progress for each game!

One Game I’ve Been Playing Anyway- Super Mario Run!

I actually did make pretty decent progress in Super Mario Run this week. I kicked ass so hard in Toad Rally, the person I was up against didn’t have any Toads left!


I leveled up my kingdom to Level 5!


Here’s a few screenshots from my gameplay this week.

At the end of last week, I was on World 5-4 Rings of Fire! I’ve since passed that level, but that will have to be discussed in the Week 2 post! 😉

One Game I Should Have Definitely Beaten By Now- Pokémon Blue!

Nope, haven’t touched it. I keep meaning to charge up my Game Boy Advance SP so I can make some progress, but it just hasn’t happened yet.

One Game I’ve Had Forever and Haven’t Touched- Harvest Moon: Animal Parade!

Still haven’t touched it.

One Game Together- ZombiU!

Michael and I have made progress in ZombiU! I’m not quite sure how far we are- I haven’t read about it or watched any videos so I don’t spoil anything. We are having fun trying to get the hell out of London!

This game is not easy. The controls are a little odd to get used to, you have limited ammo, and once you die, your character is forever dead! Luckily, there are many potential characters to play as, so once you kill one off, another one is immediately ready to play where you left off.

This zombie’s face cracks me up!

One thing that annoys me a little bit about this game is the fact that I often feel like I am running fool’s errands- go fetch this, go sneak into this building, no wait go back into the first building, hang on, now I need a random fucking book- I feel like this “Prepper” guy along with the doctor in the Buckingham Palace are just trying to get us killed!

The game is also a little glitchy. We died at one point because a room was completely empty so we walked through it, then turned to walk back out only to find that there were at least 7 zombies in there! Another time, we got completely stuck to a wall and couldn’t turn around.

Despite my complaints, I am still really having fun with this game! I’m interested to see where it all ends. Currently, our mission is to Raid the Military Armory.

Bonus Game- Pokémon GO!

I mostly always play a little Pokémon GO during the week, so why not add that to my little weekly review? I’m pretty low on PokéBalls, so I couldn’t play very much. However, I still managed to catch a Marill…

a Swinub…

a Chikorita…

and a Wartortle!

Well, I kind of sucked at playing my chosen games this week. Hopefully Week 2 will be a little more successful! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Four in February (in March) Progress, Week 1!

  1. Nice progress on Super Mario Run! Wow, ZombiU. Now that’s a game I need to get back to. I’m not typically into survival horror action games, but I gave it a try. I think I’m too scared to fully complete it, but it’s a great concept for the Wii U. Good luck on your Four in February (in March)! Hey, beating games whenever is good, right? 😉

    1. Thanks! Super Mario Run is really fun. ZombiU is great too! I just wish they gave you more ammo. Hopefully my husband and I will beat it pretty soon. And hopefully you will play it again at some point! 🙂 I love anything horror so scary games are right up my alley, lol! :)Yes, beating games at any point always feels like such an accomplishment!

  2. It looks like you’re having a good run with Super Mario Run at least :p I notice I’ll often only be able to fully concentrate on one game at a time, neglecting the other ones. I finally got back to Journey today only because I was off work, but I quit because I’m at a spot where I can’t figure out what to do/where to go. I need to remember to google some help on that!

    1. Yeah I’m having a great time with Super Mario Run! 🙂 I can usually play a couple games of different genres and be okay. But if, for example, I tried to play two RPGs at once I don’t think I could keep up! Good luck with Journey, hope you can figure it out! 🙂 That looks like a great game!

      1. Two RPGs at once is tough because you have to follow two separate story lines. I’ve done it before, but I also take notes lol.

        I think I’m going to try to finish it tonight. I looked up what to do, and I just completely missed something. I definitely will have a lot to say about the game in review. I love how it’s highly up to interpretation, and I certainly have one of my own 🙂 It’s a wonderful game and I highly recommend! I may replay it because my scarf is painfully short D:

      2. Oh I would have to take notes too, there’s no way I could keep that straight lol! Well I can’t wait to read your take on Journey! I’ve read so many good things about it!

      3. I’m so close to finishing! I wish I could knock it out tonight so I could include it in my game update tomorrow, but it looks like it’s going to be Wednesday, which I’m okay with 🙂

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