Old Donkey Kong Stuff!

One of the things about moving is the undeniable fact that sometimes, your shit just gets shoved into a bag or a box and you don’t see it for months after you move in! There are still random bags and boxes laying around that we just haven’t had time to unpack yet, despite the fact that we have been in our new home for several months now.

One set of items I have not really put away yet are my socks! I’ve just been keeping them in a bag because I do not have a dresser (my old one was falling apart, so it did not come with me to the new house). Well, while going through the sock bag not to long ago, I uncovered these babies:


Can you believe this? Donkey Kong Country socks! Donkey Kong Country came out in 1994 for the Super Nintendo… and I’m pretty sure that’s when these socks came out. I was a kid so they were HUGE on me, but I wanted them so badly that I didn’t care. I wore them until they got holes in them and the designs got faded, but I never could bring myself to throw them away!

I also have been holding on to this:


This Donkey Kong Country 2 shirt has been around since 1995! I remember if you bought the game from Toys R Us, you would get this shirt as a free gift. I had gone with my mom and my grandma to the store that day to go Christmas shopping, but they would shoo me away anytime they picked up something for me, and I promised not to look in the cart. While they were checking out, I was standing a little ways away from them, but I noticed the cashier give my mom the DKC2 shirt! Nine-year-old-me knew the only way to get that shirt was to buy the game, so I knew I was getting it for Christmas that year! I didn’t say a word about it, though, because I didn’t want my mom to know that I had figured that out!

The shirt only came in adult Large, so the shirt was way too big for me anyway. My mom kept it for a few years, then gave it to me when I got a little older. It’s got a million holes in it, but I still wear it to bed every now and then if it’s super chilly! 😉