Fangamer Goodies!

A little while ago, I heard about a site called I came across it while I was looking to see if there was a strategy guide for Stardew Valley. Though there isn’t an “official” strategy guide, people were raving about one you could purchase on Fangamer. I checked it out, and it looked awesome. After a couple weeks, I decided to go ahead and purchase one!

While purchasing the book, they had an offer where if you bought the strategy guide as well as the coloring book for Stardew Valley, you saved $3! Since I’m a sucker, of course I did it! 😉

Before I checked out, I perused the site to see if anything else caught my eye, and of course, I saw it: an Animal Crossing book! Did I purchase it? Take a wild guess!!! 🙂

I ordered from the site on a Monday, and the books came in that Thursday! Pretty quick! The first thing I noticed when I opened the package was how carefully everything was shipped. Each book was bubble wrapped twice and boxed up neatly. The first thing I unpacked was this adorable Kirby card made by a very talented artist whose Esty shop I need to check out! Also in that package was a small booklet showing some of Fangamer’s other items, an “M” pin from the Kirby series, and… some other thing. I’m not sure what it is from, but it’s still cool!


Second, I opened up the Stardew Valley Guidebook.

It is so adorable and detailed!

So much helpful information in this book! This guidebook is definitely a labor of love.

In with the guidebook was the coloring book!

It’s so cute, I almost don’t want to color any of it!

Excited, I opened up the second bubble- wrapped book and stared down at… Legend of the Hero?

Oh, man. This book looked cool as hell, but definitely wasn’t what I ordered! Bummed, I shot an email over to customer service and explained what happened. In less than 3 hours, I got a very nice reply! The gentleman that sent me the e-mail apologized and said he would send out the correct book right away. He even said I could keep the incorrect book, which I thought was an awesome gesture! I was fully prepared to ship it back.

So, Legend of the Hero is basically a Legend of Zelda inspired book. What I find unique about it is that it does not explicitly state that it is a Zelda book- so someone without any prior knowledge of the Zelda series would probably look at it and think it is a mythology book of sorts. Pretty cool!

Anyway, my correct book was immediately shipped and arrived at my house a couple days later!

This book is incredible! The amount of detail in the artwork and descriptions are so amazing, and this is a book I think every Animal Crossing fan will appreciate!

All three of these books were created and illustrated by Kari Fry, and I am officially a huge fan of her work! I will definitely purchase items from Fangamer in the future. They are quick and very easy to deal with. Even though they sent me the wrong book, they were so quick to correct their mistake and they were extremely nice about it as well. I would encourage everyone to check out their site! 🙂