Goodies From Mom!

Recently, my mom and my stepdad moved to Texas, which is a HUGE bummer for me. I used to visit them almost every weekend, as they only lived about an hour away. Now they live many hours away! 😦 When they were getting ready to go, my mom decided to give me a couple of gaming related things she no longer used.

One of these things was an almost brand-new Nintendo DS Lite! I remember how excited she was when she got it. She played my copy of Brain Age and decided she really wanted the game for herself. So she got a DS Lite, Brain Age, Brain Age 2, and CrossworDS. She played her DS maybe 4 times, then it was abandoned for years!

Even though I already have an original DS, I gladly took her DS Lite. I figured I would keep this one on my bedside table in case I wanted to play a quick game before bed! Also, she gave me a case, a sleeve, a charger, and a couple extra styluses.


I charged it up and played it, and it works great. I can’t believe how much brighter the screen is compared to my original DS! Anyway, I already had the Brain Age games, so I gave those to my husband. I did keep the CrossWorDS game, though, because I used to play it over at her house and I really enjoyed it!

My mom also gave away her Wii and all the games she had for it. We had a lot of the same games, but I did take a couple of them. These included GT Pro Series…

Excite Truck…

and Wii Fit.

While I do have the Wii Fit Plus, I don’t have the original Wii Fit. I know I don’t really NEED it, since the Wii Fit Plus has all the original games plus more, but who’s going to argue with free? 😉 I’ve never played GT Pro Series, but I do like Excite Truck, so that should be fun. Thanks Mom! 🙂

12 thoughts on “Goodies From Mom!

  1. Oh what a sweet mother you have!!❤️I bet you could sell that DS bc it’s still brand new 🤔Anyway glad you enjoy the games. Play on!!!

      1. That sounds really fun! I’ve never been, so enjoy Texas for the both of us whenever you go! I hear there’s lots to do there. 🙂

  2. That is really cool that your mom gave you her old DS Lite and games!! How nice of her!! I have a pink DS Lite that seldom gets used, but my kids grab it occasionally from me. I’ve never played a crossword game on the DS.. I love crosswords thoo!! How much fun is the one your mom gave you? Is it pretty good? I hope you get to visit your mom in Texas this summer and have a great time there!!

    1. I thought it was pretty cool too! I just can’t believe how much brighter the screen is compared to my original DS! Oh CrossworDS is pretty fun! It actually has crosswords, words searches, and anagrams, so there’s a lot of different puzzles. It’s pretty relaxing! I hope I get to go to Texas too 😉

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