Four in February (in March) Results… in May!

Haha the title of this post is ridiculous, I know! Actually, this whole post is ridiculous. Since I’ve been such a slacker lately with my posting (though not without good reason) I feel like I’ve fallen so far behind! I’ve been meaning to do this summary post for awhile, I just had other things I wanted to do first! It’s not like my results are super exciting, but let’s get to it!

Done in March… with results not discussed until May… maybe I should give it up already…

One Game I’ve Been Playing Anyway- Super Mario Run!


I think I probably made the best progress with this game, considering I beat it! I started replaying the levels to collect all the colored coins, but I am nowhere near done with that. I also started getting pissed off playing through Toad Rally to collect Toads to unlock some additional characters, and I managed to get Peach and Blue Yoshi (I already had Toad unlocked, too). I still have several characters to unlock, which is fine with me. I’m just happy I beat the main game, so I consider this part of the challenge a success!

One Game I Should Have Definitely Beaten By Now- Pokémon Blue!


No, just… no. This was the game I made the least amount of progress in, because I made NO progress at all! Didn’t even turn it on! Oh, I THOUGHT about playing it. I really did. I just… didn’t. Fail!

One Game I’ve Had Forever And Haven’t Touched- Harvest Moon: Animal Parade!


I did make decent progress on this game. At the end of the challenge, I was in Year One, Spring, Day 5. That’s not super far into the game, but at least I did start it. And the game is fun and adorable, so I’m still playing it!

One Game Together- ZombiU!


After the first week of the challenge (where our current objective was to Raid the Military Armory), my husband and I made no more progress with this game. That’s sad, because it is really fun! We actually haven’t played it since then, and we really need to get back and finish it.

Bonus Game- Pokémon GO!

Yes, I’m using an old ass screenshot where I’m only at level 5… don’t judge!

Since Pokémon GO is a game I’ll often turn on for just a few minutes when I’m out and about, it’s pretty easy to make progress as the weeks go by. I did pretty decently during the challenge, catching several new critters along the way. I’m actually going to do a Pokémon GO post soon, writing about the catches I’ve made over the past month or so. One of them I am SO EXCITED about and I don’t think any Pokémon I catch from now on will make me as happy 😉

So there you have it- my somewhat lame results from my Four in February (in March) challenge. Hopefully I’ll do something else like this soon and it won’t take me so long to write about it, haha!

9 thoughts on “Four in February (in March) Results… in May!

  1. I’m glad you stuck to your guns on most fronts here. The Harvest Moon games are definitely adorable (especially the cows!) and there’s a certain allure about them that keeps me coming back on a yearly basis. I’ve tried playing with and without guides since there’s so much hidden stuff you can achieve that the game is not straightforward about with you, but the completionist drive in me makes the game feel too much like work!

    Pokemon Blue!!! I’ve been dying to start playing through the Pokemon games, so I’m happy to hear you made it through in one piece! I played part of Sapphire at one point and found myself needing to consult the “what hurts what” table a lot since it wasn’t so simple as the formula in other games. Congratulations on making it through!

    I’ve seen the Zombi U game a lot in stores and have never picked it up because I don’t have much love for zombies. Maybe I’ll have to reconsider if it’s as fun as you say!

    Good luck with the next games you pick up to play! If it makes you feel any better, in my head it’s still February and I have no idea where the time has gone.

    1. Yeah I think I did pretty well all things considered! 🙂 It’s just my perfectionist nature to want to have completed every game, but it’s all good!

      I know what you mean about the Harvest Moon games! I try to consult guides as little as possible, but sometimes there are events that you only have one opportunity to trigger, and if you miss it, you can’t go back and redo it! I love all the animals too! I love Animal Parade because you can go around petting all the wild animals 🙂

      Oh, I wish I would have beat Pokémon Blue, but I didn’t 😦 It is a really great game though and I’m hoping I’ll get all the way through it at some point. Not gonna lie, I play Pokémon games with a guide right next to me haha! 😉 I have Sapphire as well, but I haven’t made it through that one yet either!

      Yeah ZombiU is pretty cool, even if you don’t like zombies! The story is interesting and unique. I do feel like the controls are a little awkward at times, but my husband has no problem with it, so maybe it’s just me!

      Aww yeah I know what you mean about the time! I can’t believe we are already halfway through May!

  2. Well… first, I have to say.. I love the skulls on your nails!! Are they stickers? I very much like them!! Anyways, I was wondering which characters you were still working on to unlock on Super Mario Run? Just curious! That game looks so fun to me and wish I could get it! Well, for some reason, when I see the Animal Parade game… it’s one of those games I want to play in the summers when everyone is home to see the adorable animals on screen!! ha ha ha.. I am always going on and going how much I love the Harvest Moon animals in this game!! It really is probably my absolute favorite Harvest Moon ever… but, sometimes I change my mind on which it is!! I hope that this summer you might have time to progress more thru it too.. that way we are somewhat playing it at the same moment!! lol. Looking forward to your Pokemon GO post!!! 🙂

    1. Oh thanks! This is actually kind of an old pic, so those skulls are sadly not on my nails anymore! But they were actually called “nail tattoos” and they work just like temporary tattoos. You press it to your nail, hold a wet cotton ball on top of it for 20 seconds and slide off! They were really cool- I found them around Halloween 🙂

      Hmm… I just looked and as far as characters I still need to unlock in Super Mario Run: Luigi, Green Yoshi, Yellow Yoshi, Purple Yoshi, Red Yoshi, and Toadette! So I still have a lot to go! I wish characters were a little easier to unlock but since you can only unlock them through the Toad Rally part of the game, it makes it harder.

      Oh I hope I make a lot of progress with Animal Parade too! It is such an awesome game!

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