New Kirby and Luigi Plush!

Recently, my mom was shopping at her local Best Buy and she came across two random plushies she thought I would enjoy! She bought them and shipped them over to me (along with some other non-related gaming goodies!) and I was pretty thrilled to receive them!

The first one I got was a cute little Kirby!


Yes, I know, I have many Kirby plushies, but this one is actually the smallest and softest one of the bunch! His facial expression is super cute, too. I love him!

The second one I got was Luigi!


I really love this one because I don’t have many Luigi items at all. He’s pretty small as well. When I sit them next to each other, Kirby looks pretty huge next to Luigi, which is kind of comical.


I actually went to my Best buy a couple days ago (and the goodies I got will be detailed in another entry!) and I saw the Kirby there, but not the Luigi. I was tempted to buy the Kirby just because, but I realized that might be a little excessive, haha! 😉