The Entertainer Blogger Award!

A few weeks ago, my friend benez256 was awarded several blogging awards! He combined them into one post, nominated a few great bloggers (and myself, which is really flattering!) and told us that we could pick and choose the questions we wanted to answer! I’m going to answer the questions from the Entertainer Blogger Award!

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1. What do you hope to gain from blogging?

As you probably know by now, I started this blog simply to entertain myself. I just wanted a place where I could write very casually about video games- almost “journal style,” if you will. I had no expectations for this blog at all, so I’m pleased to have gained some good friends that share my passion for video games! It doesn’t matter to me if I ever have thousands of followers or millions of hits… I just want to keep on having fun writing! 🙂

2. What genre of film entertains you the most?

Horror, without a doubt. I love anything with ghosts, demons, vampires, etc. The scarier, the better!! Not only am I a fan of more blatant horror, but I love psychological thrillers too. In close second to horror is comedy- I love to laugh! I realize these two genres really contradict each other, but I’m a weirdo, what can I say…

3. Do you consider yourself a writer, and what inspires you to write?

I don’t consider myself a writer in the traditional sense. I purposely keep my writing style very casual because I want it to be as if we are friends just chatting about our hobbies. As far as what inspires me to write… everything does! At any given moment, I have many ideas for what I want to write about running through my head.

4. What is your biggest pet peeve?

Hmm… I’m going to have to go with random, annoying noises. I don’t know what it is about incessant clicking, scraping noises, or random beeping, but it puts my brain into instant rage mode!

5. Why did you choose your particular WordPress username?

Haha, this is a great question! So, when I was a teenager, one of my favorite CDs was Land of the Free? by Pennywise (a punk-rock band, for those unfamiliar). My little goth heart was thrilled by a song so sweetly entitled “Fuck Authority.” I still love this song! 😉 Anyway, the lyrics are great, especially the part that says “Fuck authority… defy the majority…” The phrase “Defy the Majority” really struck a chord with me. To me, it doesn’t necessarily mean go out and be an asshole for no reason… it just means be yourself, do whatever is good for you no matter what the mainstream says to do! Many years later, when I started this blog, I figured “Defy the Majority” was a great name for it.

By the way, also many years later, I realized that they were not saying “defy the majority” at all… they were actually saying “silent majority.” WHAT! MY WHOLE LIFE WAS A LIE! I can’t believe I misunderstood the words for so many years. Whatever, at least I got a cool motto out of it!

Well, thanks for reading! And thanks again to Benez256 for nominating me, I really appreciate it! If anyone wants to answer any of these, I’m nominating everyone, so feel free to do so! 🙂