Even More Plushies!

During a recent trip to Walgreens, I was looking for who-knows-what when my husband came up to me with two little plush figures in his hand. “Bet you want both of these,” he said. I took one look and thought they were so adorable! I commented that they were probably a little pricey but I’d think about it. He put them in my basket, and we continued shopping. We got several things that day, so… I accidentally bought both of the plushies anyway! I wasn’t even paying attention since I had several things in my basket! Though they were $9 apiece (which is kind of a lot, considering how small they are) I’m happy to have them anyway!

The first one I got is a Goomba. So adorable! The only other Goomba-related item I have is a small plastic figurine, so this plush is a nice addition to my collection.


The second one I got is from the world of Animal Crossing, and it is… Timmy and Tommy?! Huh? I only got one of them, which one is it?!?!


It’s really bizarre that the name on this one seems to be interchangeable. At the very least, Timmy and Tommy should be sewn together and sold as one plush, instead of you having to buy two of the same plush just so you can call one Timmy and the other one Tommy! What a rip. Oh well, he’s still cute anyway! I’m just going to call this one Timmy.

Here they both are together!


I really love both of these, especially the Goomba. πŸ™‚

By the way, I realize I haven’t been blogging much of my gaming adventures lately. I’ve just been super tired and when I sit down to play games, I just want to play them through instead of feeling “obligated” to summarize what I’ve been doing after each session. I’ll do a post soon to update what I’ve been doing, don’t worry! πŸ™‚

17 thoughts on “Even More Plushies!

  1. Awesome plushes!

    Now you have to buy Tommy or Timmy so that your Tommy or Timmy does not feel lonely. You got a problem in your hands right there.

      1. The first one is definitely the best! The second is okay, and I wasn’t as fond of the Minion movie; they were just trying to milk the cash cow at that point and it showed, but the characters are adorable.

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