My Humble Blogger Beginnings!

Recently, my fellow blogging friend The Well-Red Mage posed a question on his site that was simple, but very thought provoking: What have you learned since your first blog post? To answer this question, I thought it would be fun to go back to the very beginning of my blogging roots… way back in 2003.


When I first started blogging, I used the “blog” as more of a diary of sorts. Hence the reason my first blog was on the now defunct Anyway, here are snippets from the blogs I’ve had over the years! I’m happy I saved all of these…

1.Title: “You Won’t Read This…” 6/11/2003- 10/15/2004

I think I was being sarcastic when I came up with the title, haha. Anyway, I started this blog the summer before my senior year of high school, and I had a couple of friends who did the same thing. I just wrote about some of my day-to-day activities and complained about how I didn’t want to be in high school anymore! I do have to share this amazing quote from my very first entry:

I got really mad at my little cousin bc when i was at my best friends house yesturday she took one of my gamecube games home and everyone knows NEVER to touch my video games.

HAHAHA! Never touch my video games without permission! Also, I’m really disappointed that I misspelled yesterday…

2. Untitled AOL blog- 9/14/2004- 10/14/2004

I only made this blog because Open Diary had some serious hacking issues and was really irritating me. From my first entry, though, you can tell that I was feeling funny about people reading my stuff:

Well I made this journal cuz I have one on open diary but that website got hacked into and they are still fixing things so… I decided to make one on aol instead. Plus my friends don’t know about this one so that’s a plus as well lol =)

3. Title: “Watch Me Burn” 10/15/2004- 10/04/2005

Fun fact: The title is actually a song lyric from Three Days Grace. Anyway! I made this blog when Open Diary got its shit together, only to abandon it a year later because (and I quote myself) “I just like Myspace better.” I don’t think any of my friends except for one of them was even aware of this blog, and I wanted it that way. Quote from my first entry (which wasn’t that entertaining):

What’s the point in having a diary if you have to hide things? So, welcome to my new diary. if you want to read my old one feel free to ask me for the address- but I bet none of you will do that anyway. So yeah, enjoy.

I was always a cynical little goth… 😉

4. Untitled Myspace Blog 7/15/2005- 6/19/2006

As I said above, I liked Myspace back in the day, and I thought it was neat that they had a journal feature. It was fun to write a snippet or two about my daily life, until I realized that I had a lot of sneaky readers. That creeped me out. My first entry eluded to the fact that this blog might not last long:

Well, I don’t really know how often I will write in this thing, because I have an online diary already. Wanna read it? Too bad!

I also noted that my current mood was “aggravated” so I guess I was crabby that day!

5. Title: “Pointless Ramblings”- 6/29/2007- 12/01/2009

Yep… a year later, I decided to go ahead and make ANOTHER Open Diary blog. This one proved to be a bit longer lasting than my other blogs, and no one in real life read it at all. As you can tell from part of my first entry, I was tired of people:

I stopped writing on myspace because there are a lot of fucking wierdos on that site, and honestly, too many people had access to my profile… Anyway, my whole point is, I didn’t like myspace because too many people read my shit. I like being a little more anonymous.

**Grumbles because past-me misspelled weirdos!** Anyway, I was finally writing for just for myself and not for any of my friends to read. I actually did some fun stuff with this blog, participating in some writing challenges and surveys.

I think I just gave up on it because I just lost interest in writing about my daily life. I didn’t realize at the time that I could “blog” about better things 😉

6. Title: “Defy The Majority” 5/08/2010- 5/13/2010

I tried out Google’s Blogger platform just because it seemed like fun, and I missed writing. To quote myself:

I came across this blogging thing after poking around google’s site and decided to give it a try. I’ve done online diaries in the past, but abandoned them all eventually. Maybe I’ll keep up with this.

I only wrote 3 entries on it, because I decided that nope, I wasn’t going to keep up with it. Something about the title sure looks familiar, though, doesn’t it? 😉

All this, my friends, brings me to…

7. Title: “Walk Away From The Sun…” 11/15/2015- current

Another fun fact: “Walk Away From the Sun” is actually one of my favorite songs ever. (It’s by Seether, if you really want to know) It was stuck in my head while I was creating this blog, so voila, there was my blog title! And if you read one of my recent entries, you know why my name on here is DefyTheMajority 😉

My purpose for this current blog is summed up in my entire first entry:

This is a blog I actually created a long time ago, but for many reasons, had to put off starting it. After getting some inspiration from other video game bloggers, I’ve decided to take the plunge and go ahead and get started! This blog will mostly be centered around all things video games- whether that be a game review from myself, gaming news, random pics from games, whatever! One thing to keep in mind as you are reading this: I am doing this blog to entertain MYSELF. Please keep any negative thoughts or comments to yourself, as I will not tolerate them. Thanks for reading!

This was all I wrote in my first entry, but you can still click here if you want to see it! I think I have stuck with this blog for many reasons:

1. I am doing it for myself, not for anyone else.
2. I am writing about my favorite hobby, which of course is video games. I do occasionally write about personal things, but I try to keep my focus on gaming!
3. I have met an amazing bunch of people here that I really enjoy talking to!
4. I enjoy what I do here.

So, what have I learned throughout this journey? Mostly, I’ve learned to just focus on what I am passionate about. I was never one to share a bunch of personal information with the world, and even writing anonymously on Open Diary felt like I was revealing too much about myself. That’s why those other blogs never lasted. Ditching the personal journal-style blogging in favor of video game journal-style blogging really made a difference. I’m glad I have all those older blogs to look back on, but I’d much rather be writing about video games, so here we are.

Also, I learned how to spell “yesterday.” And “weirdos.” Life is good.