Blogging Goals!

If there’s something I’m good at, it’s setting a certain goal for myself… then becoming distracted and doing something completely different! What can I say- I have a bazillion thoughts in my head all at once, a bazillion things I want to get done, and hardly any time to do anything! Anyway, I’ve been thinking about all my video games that I still have not tried, and I think that’s just terrible! My point of all my babbling is this: I’m going to make it a point (notice I did not say the word “goal”) to try all of my games I haven’t yet played! I don’t need to beat them or even get very far in them, I just want to try them out. So expect to see quite a few “First Impressions” posts coming up as I share my experiences!


As I’ve mentioned before, and some of you are probably already aware, Kirby’s 25th anniversary is this year. That got me thinking about all of the Kirby games I own… and how I want to play through them all to celebrate his anniversary! 🙂 There are a few of the games I haven’t beaten (I know, I know, I suck) but I still think it would be fun to play through all of the games I have as a way to celebrate 25 years of my favorite pink puffball! I’ll be sure to blog a thing or two about each game 😉

So there you have it! My new, revised blogging goals for the next few months or so. I do have one First Impressions post that I will do before I start all the Kirby fun, and I’ll still make sure I post any fun new gaming goodies I get. I think I’ll do a wrap up at the end of the month to let you know what other games I’ve been working on, too.

As always, thank all of you so much for reading! Every like, comment, and follow I receive makes me so happy, and I’m so grateful for the friends I’ve made here! 🙂