Clearance Goodies!

Oops! About a month or so ago, I bought a couple cute plushies at Walgreens that happened to be on clearance, and I completely forgot to write about them! They were only $3.50 each, so I couldn’t resist! 😉


Baby Luigi and Baby Donkey Kong are too cute! Baby DK’s head is so huge, he has a hard time staying upright, haha! I wish Baby Mario would have been there too, but that’s all right. These plush are normally $8.99 each, so I got a great deal!

By the way, I probably won’t be posting for the next week or so, as I have some busy days coming up! Yesterday was my last day of work for 9 glorious days. My husband and I normally take off the last week of July because the 26th is my birthday and the 29th is our anniversary. Assuming the weather holds up, we are hoping to hit up the beach, the pool and maybe some springs. 😉 Have a great week everyone!