Why I Love… Video Games!

I’ve done several of these Why I Love… posts now, and they have been a lot of fun to write! However, looking back, I realized that my very first post should have explained why I love video games! After all, that is what my blog is all about! 🙂

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Well, there are many reasons why I love video games. First things first: they are FUN. I have so many great memories of playing through so many great games, and the fun factor keeps me coming back to play again and again.

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Sure, every game can get annoying at times. I even get aggravated when I’m playing something as relaxing as Animal Crossing if I can’t catch a fish or a villager swindles me out of a bunch of my money! Nevertheless, games are meant to be fun, and they do a great job of providing entertainment.

Image result for mario kart blue shell
Fuck the blue shell in Mario Kart!

That brings me to my second point: video games are great forms of entertainment! I don’t need to watch cinematic sequences or have ultra- realistic graphics to be entertained, either (although those are nice in their own right). I am just as happy playing an SNES game as I am playing a PS4 game!

Image result for viva pinata screenshots
Viva Pinata for the Xbox 360 ❤

Third, video games are so versatile. There is something for everyone out there! Whether you like shooters, platformers, racers, puzzlers, sports, etc., there is a video game out there for you to play. I had a friend in high school who knew nothing about video games and didn’t WANT to know anything about video games… until I introduced her to Animal Crossing on the GameCube. She loved it so much, she bought her own GameCube and copy of Animal Crossing and as far as I know, that was the only game she ever liked.

Related image
Fishing in Animal Crossing!

With all of that being said, my main reason for loving video games is because they are such a great escape! Let’s face it: life really sucks ass sometimes. But when you turn on a game and get sucked in, suddenly life isn’t as bad. When I am having a bad day or don’t feel well, playing a video game is a great way to distract me and put my focus elsewhere for a little while.

Image result for video games escape from reality

So there you have it: my personal reasons why I love video games! Everyone is different, so I suspect everyone has different reasons why they play. Whatever your reasons are, just enjoy playing and have fun! 😉

6 thoughts on “Why I Love… Video Games!

  1. I’ve seen a few people lately point out that games don’t have to be “fun”. “Horror games aren’t fun”, “Dark Souls isn’t fun” and such. I disagree, if you enjoy horror games then the experience of being scared could be considered “fun” for you. I very much share your feelings on this: if it’s not what you consider to be fun, then maybe it’s time to stop playing that game.

    1. People definitely have different ideas of what fun is! I love horror games and even if they are scary and difficult I still consider them “fun”… but I’m not a big sports fan, so in general sports games are not very fun to me. If you like the game and consider it fun, then by all means keep playing! 🙂

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