My Gaming Month in Review: July 2017!

**EDIT: I’m dumb and I originally had this post titled My Gaming Month in Review: June 2017! Yeah, I definitely meant July…**

Let me just say, doing these types of posts once a month is much easier than doing them once a week! As I’m playing games, I just jot down a few notes here and there and take screenshots if I feel so compelled… it’s way less stressful! 😉 Anyway, here’s what I played in July!

I’m making considerable progress in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade for the Wii. I’m still working on becoming friends with people so I can ring the purple bell! So far, I’ve only gotten Owen’s wish. These people need lots of gifts before they become friends with you, ugh! What’s with all the bribery?!

Anyway, one wish down, nine to go! I’m almost friends with Bo and Renee, so hopefully I’ll get their wishes soon.

Besides becoming friends with people, I’m becoming friends with all the animals too! I was really happy one day when I went pet the snake and realized I was able to adopt him!


I named him Slither, and now my little snake friend lives in my house! I wish I had a bed or little tank or something for him, but he still seems happy just slithering through my house! I can also teach him tricks and carry him around, which is pretty cute.


One day while I was visiting Toucan Island, I fished out some swimming trunks. Um… okay?


One of the holidays during Autumn is the Moon Festival. I was pleasantly surprised when Owen asked me to go with him!


The night of the Moon Festival, Owen and I hung out and had a great time! He said he was going to keep asking me out, so don’t reject him! This guy is pretty pushy, and he spends all his spare time lifting weights… geez, what did I get myself into?!


He still seems sweet, though. Soon after he shyly brought me a gift and wanted me to turn it into an accessory!


Here’s my current progress:


And here’s how much money I’ve made so far:


Aside from Animal Parade, my husband Michael and I continued playing Kororinpa: Marble Mania for the Wii! We played the single player game, but took turns with each level. Towards the end, though, the levels get REALLY annoying!


Seriously. The last few levels were so aggravating it almost took the fun out of it for me. I blame myself for not having a steady hand, but still.

In the end, though, we beat the game!


Doing so unlocked mirror mode, and we played around for a little while seeing how different marbles worked for different levels. We may finish mirror mode, we may not. I’m cringing at the thought of those last few levels…


Well, that’s about it for my gaming this month! I’ll have a separate post for Pokémon GO progress next. See ya!

4 thoughts on “My Gaming Month in Review: July 2017!

  1. Harvest Moon games are amazing, aren’t they? When I played Tree of Tranquility, I married Owen the first time and ended up hating his guts. He’d come home late and would never make me a lunch! I started over again and married the fisherman instead. He was much nicer 🙂 I’m glad to see you’re enjoying the game. You’re making me want to play again!

    1. I love Harvest Moon so much! Oh geez I hope Owen is a little better in Animal Parade lol! I’m already got 5 hearts with him so I would hate to start over! I’ll just see how it goes, haha! He seems like he’s being really sweet.

      Speaking of Tree of Tranquility, I bought it last weekend… or I thought I did. When I got home, Magical Melody was actually in the case instead! I called the game store and told them I was coming back to return it, and when I got there, the guy told me he couldn’t find Tree of Tranquility! I ended up getting my money back, but I was so bummed. 😦

      1. Nooooo 😦 I’m sorry to hear about the game mix-up. I really liked Tree of Tranquility, so I hope you’ll be able to find a copy sometime. I also hope that Owen is a bit better for you! I think I went for him in ToT because he was close to my plot of land and was easy to find much of the time (relationship goals!).

      2. I hope so too! I’ll probably just end up buying it online at some point. Haha Owen doesn’t seem too bad in Animal Parade… and go figure, he’s pretty easy to find most of the time in this game too, so maybe I’m a little lazy lol!! 🙂

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