Pokémon GO Progress: July 2017!

July was quite a productive month for me in Pokémon GO! I caught several new critters, participated in my first Gym Raid, and nabbed one Pokémon that has been eluding me for months! 😉 Read on for more details!

First of all, I caught Corsola…


Ash-Hat Pikachu (yay! I love these exclusive little Pikachu!)…





Ditto has been a thorn in my side since it first appeared in the game, and I wasted god knows how many PokéBalls trying to catch his ass. For those who aren’t familiar with Ditto, it doesn’t appear exactly like itself. Rather, it takes the form of another Pokémon, and only after you catch the Pokémon will Ditto reveal itself. It’s a lot of trial and error!

One day my husband casually opened up the game while we were at home and caught a Sentret, which turned out to be Ditto! He yelled at me to hurry up and open my game, and luckily the elusive little creature appeared for me as well! No more wasting my PokéBalls on a million Rattatas and Pidgeys!

Besides my new catches, I had two evolutions this month. I evolved my Drowzee into a Hypno…

and my Hoppip into a Skiploom.

I hatched one egg this month, which contained a Tentacool.


While on vacation, my husband and I were at a park that had several PokéStops and Gyms. One of the Gyms had a Raid Boss active, and it only had a little over 5000 CP, so I told my husband we should go for it!


It was the first Raid Battle for both of us, and it was pretty fun!

In the end, we took down Quilava! I caught it, but it got away from my husband. 😦 He wasn’t too happy about that!

I also earned three medals this month: one for collecting 200 poison-type Pokémon, one for collecting 200 normal-type Pokémon, and one for collecting 10 electric-type Pokémon!

I caught a glimpse of Articuno at a Gym, which was pretty awesome! I knew I had no chance of taking it down without a lot of help, which was kind of a bummer, but it was still neat to see it!


Lastly, since I finally evolved my Drowzee into Hypno, I now I have a new buddy: Gloom!


That’s about it for my Pokémon GO progress for July! See ya!