Birthday Goodies!

So, my birthday was a month ago, and I am just getting around to writing this post… man I am so far behind! Oh well, eventually all the posts I want to write will get published! Anyway, I did get some good stuff for my birthday (including a fabulous new Google Chromebook that I am using right now since my aging laptop has been giving me issues), and I did get a few video game related items!

First of all, my husband bought me this awesome Animal Crossing puzzle!


I didn’t even know something like this existed and I LOVE IT! I am going to put it together and then frame it. It’ll look great in my office/ game room 😉

Second, my mom bought me several Amiibos! She found a lot of them on clearance at her local Best Buy so she bought some and hoarded them until my birthday! Here’s what I got:

And I have to laugh at these two:


She bought one Waddle Dee, boxed it up, forgot about it, then bought another one! And… I already had one! So now I have three Waddle Dees, haha! 😉

She also bought me two Japanese import Amiibo, which are pretty awesome.


Lastly, she got me a plush Mario (which is great, because I don’t have one)…


And these super cute little Kirby plush!


So, that’s it for my birthday goodies. It’s always fun to get more video game related items! 😉

Oh, and P.S.: while I was out shopping a couple days after my birthday, I picked up this adorable shirt! I couldn’t resist!! 😉


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