Pokémon GO Progress: September 2017!

September wasn’t the most fruitful month in Pokémon GO for me- I guess maybe I just didn’t play as much? I still made a little bit of progress, so here it is!

First of all, I didn’t catch ANY new Pokémon! Boo! I still have many Gen 1 and Gen 2 Pokémon to collect, but they are all ones I either am working on evolving or they are ones that just do not ever pop up for me. I think I’m ready for Gen 3 to be released into the wild!

I did evolve a few Pokémon this month, though. I evolved Slowpoke into Slowbro…

Wooper into Quagsire…

Skiploom into Jumpluff…

Nidorino into Nidoking…

and Nidorina into Nidoqueen!

I hatched one egg this month, which contained a Hoppip.


As far as Raids go, I participated in three of them against Exeggutor, Magikarp, and Bayleef. I did all of these raids with Michael, and in the case of Exeggutor, we got some help from a random person as well!

I participated in 3 Gym Battles this month. I took down one blue gym and two yellow gyms, one with Michael’s help 🙂 The blue gym I took down was strange because it was full of almost nothing but baby Pokemon, so I almost felt bad taking it down. Almost.

I also put both Espeon and Snorlax in friendly gyms so they would earn me some coins!

I earned 4 medals this month, which is pretty cool. They were: Feed 100 berries in Gyms, Register 100 Kanto region Pokémon, Win 10 Raids, and Catch 200 grass-type Pokémon.

I caught a glimpse of Raikou, but I had no chance of taking him down.


Lastly, I went through several buddies this month, including Skiploom…






and Polliwag! I decided to make Polliwag my buddy because I really want him to evolve into a Politoed 🙂


That’s it for my adventures in Pokémon GO during September! See ya!