30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 9!

Day 9: Saddest Game Scene.

I’ll be honest, I had a really tough time with this one. There are several I can think of, but the problem is I haven’t actually PLAYED the games I’m thinking of. I don’t wanna be like “Yeah, this is so sad, boo hoo” when I haven’t actually experienced it for myself!

Um… yeah. I’m sitting here going through my games and not one thing is coming to me. So that means my answer is going to be something stupid… like when Donkey Kong shakes his head sadly over his missing Banana Hoard.

Related image

Wow, what a lame answer. Have I really never played anything sad, or am I just emotionally void and don’t think of things as sad? Or maybe it’s because I’ve played way more retro games than I have games on current-gen systems, so I’ve not played as many games that have well-developed stories. Who knows! Hope tomorrow’s question is a little more easily answered…

16 thoughts on “30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 9!

    1. Thank you! I hope you do decide to try it! The posts are fun to write. I like to keep my answers short and to the point, so they don’t take much time to complete. πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see your answers if you do decide to do it!

  1. I assume you haven’t played Mother 3, right? Otherwise I think that would have been the first thing that would have popped into your mind. There are actually half a dozen scenes from that game that would qualify.

    But I loved your choice! It’s unusual, sure, but one can only wonder the despair poor DK must have been feeling when he saw his bananas had vanished.

    1. No I have never had the chance to play Mother 3! I hope to be able to someday though. I’ve heard from other people as well that there are some sad scenes!

      Haha thanks! Yeah, poor DK. He gets screwed over a lot if you think about it!

  2. That’s a great answer! Poor Donkey Kong… 😦 I can think of a few game scenes that make me wanna cry, and two that actually did. I’m a wimp, haha.

  3. I remember never really understanding this scene playing as a kid as I never read the manual to know that the boss had in fact took all the bananas lol, still a sad one for sure lol

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