30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 10!

Day 10: Best Gameplay.

I’m going to assume this question can be answered different ways, based on how you interpret it. To me, it means “What kind of game can I play without throwing my controller into my television?” or “What kind of game relaxes me?”

I really enjoy many types of genres, from platforming to racing to first- person shooter to RPG. When it comes to relaxing, though, no other game series is perfect to curl up with than the life-simulator Animal Crossing!

Image result for animal crossing

The Animal Crossing series just relaxes me because while there are goals, you can complete them all at your leisure. It’s adorable, it’s fun, and it’s relaxing. Sometimes when I am having a hard day, a game from the Animal Crossing series is the only thing I want to play. You all know I’m an Animal Crossing freak anyway! 😉