30 Day Video Game Challenge… Day 13!

Day 13: A Game You’ve Played More Than Five Times. 

There are many answers to this question! Especially when I was a kid and didn’t have nearly as many games as I have now, it wasn’t unusual to beat a game and then replay it a short time later. Just for the sake of being different, though, I’ll go with one my husband and I have enjoyed many times together:

Image result for super monkey ball 2

Super Monkey Ball 2 for the GameCube! We always play on single player mode and take turns on the levels (or if we die). We’ve gone through all the levels on all the difficulty modes, and it’s a blast! Some of those levels are still super challenging (and super aggravating!) no matter how many times we have played them. Anyway, I have lost count of how many times we’ve played this together, but it’s one that we always keep coming back to 🙂