Snorlax + Pikachu= Awesome!

Way back in July after my birthday, I was trying to figure out what to spend my Amazon gift card on. As a browsed vast Amazon storefront, I came across something that was way too cute to pass up: a little group of figures consisting of one Snorlax and a bunch of Pikachus. Apparently it’s some sort of balancing game where you try to see how many Pikachus you can balance on the Snorlax before they all fall off. Because I am a sucker  for cute things, this is what I purchased!

Check out the box:

Here is Snorlax, in all his snoozing glory:


Here is the stand he goes on, so he can sleep easy:


Here are all the sweet little Pikachus!


And here is the whole thing set up:


As you can tell, this set is rather small, and it was $22! I’m glad I had a gift card to be able to buy it, because the price is a bit steep considering how small it is. But this is so adorable to have on my desk, and I’m glad I got it anyway 🙂

P.S. It is a little difficult to balance the Pikachus on the Snorlax… much easier to have the Pikachus just laying around the Snorlax instead!