(Sort of) Liebster Award!

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. The holiday season isn’t quite over yet, since New Year’s Eve is tomorrow (or “today” since it’ll probably be after midnight by the time I publish this post)! This time of year is always pretty busy for me, but I love being able to see family and enjoy getting into the holiday spirit. I’m always bummed when it’s over and life is back to normal in January! Anyway, I’ve got several posts planned for this blog, plus I have some fun future plans for this blog, so bear with me as I get caught up on everything! 🙂

A little while ago, my friend The Shameful Narcissist posted a Liebster Award with some fun questions! She tagged everyone and I thought I’d go ahead and answer them, even if I am 3 months late to the party. One day I’ll be all caught up on the posts I want to do! So, here’s my answers!

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1. When was the last time you laughed? What at? 

Disclaimer: I tend to laugh at the dumbest shit. And sometimes when I start laughing, I can’t stop! I’m easily amused. 😉 I laughed a little while ago at my dog Minnie, because she was playing with a toy that was pretty much the size of her, and she tripped over it. She’s a happy little thing though, so she just kept on playing!

This is Minnie on her 10th birthday a couple months ago. She’s always happy!

2. What’s the weather like where you are? How does it affect you?

Surprisingly, it is cold here right now! Well, cold to me anyway. As someone who has lived in Florida all my life, if it’s in the 60s I’m cold LOL! The high today was only around 60. In the next few days, we actually aren’t supposed to get out of the 50s with lows in the 30s, and it’s supposed to rain. It is nice to have some “winter” weather, but it does make my head hurt and I get achy all over. I’m not cut out for cold weather, but I try to enjoy it anyway!

Look at that weather for Wednesday! Brrr!

3. What thoughts keep you awake at night? 

Grrr… a lot of things keep me awake at night! My mind tends to race at the most inopportune times. It’s not all bad thoughts, though. Sometimes I think about happy things! I kind of suck at getting enough sleep.

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Yeah pretty much…

4. What conversations do you avoid?

All of them, if I can! I’m highly antisocial 😉 If I like you, you’ll know it, because I will talk!

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Please don’t make me socialize! 😉

5. If you were invisible for a week, what would you do?

Probably a bunch of slightly evil things! Mostly I think I’d just freak people out so they think a ghost is near them. Things like walk by and tap them on the shoulder, make stuff look like it’s floating in the air, whisper in their ears, you know… ghostly stuff. Then I’d go to restaurants and grab a bunch of freshly cooked french fries- don’t worry, I’d leave some money on the counter so I wouldn’t be STEALING. Am I a horrible person for wanting to mess with people? Yeah, maybe. It’s all in good fun though!

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Only relevant because of the word “invisible,” but the cat is too cute!

6. What’s the oddest thing you’ve ever seen? (Things on the internet don’t count) 

Hmmm… there’s a couple things that could be in the running for this. I’m gonna go with the time I was at work in the back office and I happened to look out the window. I saw a man in a motorized scooter with a lawn chair and an American flag strapped to the back going slowly down the road… right into oncoming traffic. Cars literally had to swerve around him because he was just… in the middle of the road.

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Pretty sure he wasn’t delivering pizzas!

7. If you could live the life of any character in a novel, who would it be?

Um, I don’t know. I read a lot of horror novels, and I’d kind of hate to have most of those characters’ lives!

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8). When do you feel most alive? 

Most of the time I drag my ass around like a zombie, but I feel alive when I’m doing something I consider fun- whether that be video games, writing, hanging out with my husband/ animals/ family, etc. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and I feel like sometimes I don’t get to do that 100% because stupid shit like work, poor health, and crappy situations get in the way! I don’t really need an adrenaline rush to feel alive- I just want to do something that makes me happy 🙂

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Ah yes… I also feel alive when I sleep a lot like Snorlax!

9. You can have a penfriend from any time in history, who would it be? What kind of letters would you write?

Although writing to someone from the past would be cool, I would want to talk to someone from the future! Say 1000 years from now… so 3018. They would tell me all about what technology was like, how much the world has changed and what I could do in my time period to improve life! That is, if computers/ robots/ whatever haven’t taken over the world by then… Did I answer this question right? Who cares, this is my blog!

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I do love receiving snail mail 😉

10. Do you ever feel like you haven’t a clue what you’re doing and you’re about to be found out? What makes you feel like that?

Um, yeah, I pretty much always feel like that! I’m one of those “fake it til you make it” type people who can bullshit my way out of tight spots. Also, despite being in my 30s, I sometimes have a hard time believing I am an adult. I had a moment like that on Christmas… my cousin’s daughter asked me to cut a tag off of her toy, and I was like damn… I’m the responsible one here. As for what makes me feel like that, who knows! I just roll with it.

Image result for adulting meme
Me, most of the time.

11. Would you like your home country to introduce basic income (everybody gets paid enough to live on whether they work or not)? How would it change your life?

Hmm, the last question is a serious one! I am not going to get all philosophical or preachy here, but the bottom line is this: everyone deserves to have basic comforts. We are all human, and one person is not more deserving than another. Namaste, bitches!

Oh my god… I just made this entire blog post and I realized something. I answered the wrong fucking set of questions! The Shameful Narcissist wrote out 11 questions, and I accidentally answered the questions another blogger asked her! SHIT! Well… I think I will still answer her questions in another post later on, since I made this one all pretty and spent time on it. Oops!

Well, I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year. See you in 2018!