2018 Plans (Can I Stick to Them?).

I stink at making plans. I have the best of intentions, and I’m really into it in the beginning. Then, something happens- I never finish what I set out to do. Let’s face it- I had big plans for 2017, but it was such a lousy year that I never had much energy to finish much of anything. Not even my idea of Celebrating Kirby With… could be completed.

Of all the things I haven’t done, one thing that really irks me is the fact that I have so many games in my backlog that I haven’t even TRIED, never mind beaten/ completed. That never stopped me from buying games, though- and the result is approximately one billion games I have waiting for me to try! (Okay, maybe not that many, but still- it’s A LOT).

Blah blah blah, right?! Well, I set myself one goal for 2018: try as many games as possible in my backlog. I don’t necessarily have to beat them- I just want to uncheck the “unplayed” box in my Backloggery so I can at least say yes, I have played the game a little bit! I figured I’d probably spend 1-3 days max on them, unless of course it really grabs my attention to where I feel like I HAVE to keep playing!

I’m not putting too much pressure on myself. I’ll get done what I get done, and no matter what, it’ll be an accomplishment! I’m going to try to write some First Impressions posts as I’m playing though these games.

Oh, and I will probably still be working through a specific game while doing this, too- right now, I’m still playing Harvest Moon: Animal Parade on the Wii, so I’ll finish that before moving on to another game of my choosing. Of course, all my Animal Crossing games will be thrown into the mix as well! 🙂

Anyway, enough of my rambling! This should be enough to keep me busy for quite awhile. See ya!

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