Kirby Keychains.

A billion months ago (or maybe it was just back in October), my husband surprised me with a couple little goodies he found while he was out and about! He bought me a couple Kirby keychains (or Backpack Hangers, as it says on the package)! I had never seen these before, so I was pretty excited!


As you can see, they are blind bags, which means that you don’t know what you’re getting inside. I’m a little wary of stuff like this, because it always seems like I get screwed and end up buying multiple of the same item! I take my chances when it comes to Animal Crossing cards though, haha… anyway! My husband told me he felt the packages to make sure they seemed totally different. Here’s what was in the first bag:


A cute lil Meta Knight! He’s heavy, so he doesn’t really stand up well. But then again, it’s designed to clip onto a purse/ backpack/ etc., so I can’t fault it too much. In the second bag we have:


An even cuter lil Kirby! He looks slightly puzzled but still so adorable! I’m glad I got these adorable things to add to my collection of Kirby items! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Kirby Keychains.

  1. Yay! Those are really cute. I really like the Meta Knight one.

    I got a Mario one of those for my daughter for Christmas. It had Donkey Kong in it, who now lives on her school bag.

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