I’m A Terrible Tamagotchi Mom!

In 1997, I turned 11 years old and got one of the COOLEST gifts ever from one of my mom’s awesome co-workers: a Tamagotchi! She told my mom people were loving it over in Japan and kids in the US were probably going to love it as well, so she was sweet enough to get me one for my birthday. I hadn’t really heard of it but was extremely grateful for the gift anyway. Once I looked at the box, I was sold!

Image result for original tamagotchi box
Not my box, but this is what mine looked like!

My little virtual pet got a lot of love and attention, and soon, that one virtual pet grew into like… I don’t know, 20 or 30! Haha! I was obsessed with all the different virtual pets out there, but my original Tamagotchi remained near and dear to my heart.

Recently, I’ve been tearing apart my office and rearranging everything. Currently it looks like shit and a bit like a bomb went off, but whatever. As I was going through my things, I was pleased to open up a little container and discover my nearly 21 year old Tamagotchi nestled inside (along with a sweet flame Tamagotchi I bought maybe like 10 years ago just because it looked cool!)

So happy I still have these!

Nostalgia hit me pretty hard, and I decided to put a battery in it and see if it worked. It started right up, so I thought “Sure, let me see how long I can keep this little creature alive!”

Still works after all these years! ❤

For the first day or two,  I was pretty good at taking care of it. I attended to it when it beeped, and I was on a roll.

Much like a real baby, they poop all. the. time!

…. until day 3, when I took it to work and left it in my purse all day. Shit! There was like 5 little poops on the screen, plus it was sick, hungry, and bored, but it wasn’t dead! I vowed to take better care of my little creature.

A day or two later, and whoops! Poor Tamagotchi lived in my purse all day and all night. Only when I woke up the next day did I remember it, and I thought for sure it was toast. Nope! The little beast was still alive and sound asleep. I turned the lights off on it, even though it was going to wake up and yell at me in less than an hour.

The final adult form. 

All in all, my Tamagotchi lived to be 9… so I had it running for about 8 days (it turns 1 after a nap it takes after being hatched… yeah who knows what the logic is there). I’m surprised, because even though I had the best of intentions, I completely sucked at being a Tamagotchi mom.

R.I.P. little guy!

I still have a place in my heart for these little virtual creatures though! A 20th anniversary Tamagotchi was released late last year and I totally wanted one… just couldn’t find it at any store. I did just check Amazon and they are in stock (which they weren’t the entire holiday season) so I guess I will buy me one! 😉 Don’t know how much I’ll actually play with it but I want it so I can be reminded of my childhood!

P.S. The flame Tamagotchi I have is like a “Tamagotchi lite.” It only beeps when it absolutely wants something, and you can’t select an option unless the Tamagotchi needs it (i.e. you can’t select the food icon unless it’s hungry) so maybe I should put batteries in it and see if I have better luck, haha!

4 thoughts on “I’m A Terrible Tamagotchi Mom!

    1. Aww! I think I had a dinosaur one too. I used to try to see how many I could keep alive at once, which ended up making me insane. Imagine the noise of mutiple virtual pets beeping at once, LOL!

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