My Animal Crossing Collection Part 3: Everything Else!

Welcome to the final post for all my Animal Crossing crap! 🙂 In Part 1, I showed you all my games and guides, in Part 2 I showed you toys/ amiibo, and in this final part, we’ll take a look at a couple odds and ends!

The first thing I have to show is a 550 piece puzzle that I received as a gift from my husband. I held off putting it together for awhile, simply because I wanted to get a frame and all the supplies to glue it together permanently. I recently decided “what the hell” and dumped the puzzle all over my desk. Yep… it’s a mess!


Next, we have some Animal Crossing manga I purchased online! I did a post about it a really long time ago, if you want to go check that out! The manga is all in Japanese, but I don’t mind. I think they are pretty cool!


Lastly, there is my collection of Animal Crossing cards. I have many of the original cards that came out in conjunction with Animal Crossing for the GameCube…


a lot of Amiibo cards…


a handful of Welcome amiibo cards…


and I even have some Doubutsu no Mori + cards, which I was happy to receive!


Sorry I can’t post pictures of each individual card, but that would be way too much work at this point 😉

So there you have it! I love Animal Crossing, so I’m glad I’ve amassed this humble collection of goodies over the years. 🙂

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