My Gaming Month in Review: September 2018!

Yeah, October is almost halfway over and I am just now posted this… sorry! I would really love to be back on a more consistent posting schedule. I just don’t have much energy lately 😦

Also, sorry if this post is a little boring because there aren’t any screenshots or anything. I did take some, but lack the motivation to edit and insert them. Ah well.


Nintendo Switch

In Super Mario Odyssey, I finished up the Snow Kingdom- I had to participate in a race which was actually pretty fun. The way the little Shiverian I was controlling bounced around was slightly tricky, but I managed to win.

After saying goodbye to the Snow Kingdom, I headed to the Luncheon Kingdom, which was bright and colorful and full of food!

However, despite the kingdom’s whimsical look, this place was a death trap! I died more than once getting stuck in the purple… lava stuff? I don’t really know what it was. Anyway, at one point I possessed a piece of meat.

That was one of the weirdest things I’ve done in the game so far. I then finished off the Luncheon Kingdom by battling Cookatiel.

Next up was the Ruined Kingdom… I loved the look of this kingdom! So dark, gloomy and ominous. I fought a bad ass dragon, and I thought he was a lot of fun. Too bad there wasn’t more to do in this kingdom, though.

After the dragon, I headed to Bowser’s Kingdom. I loved the Japanese aesthetic! It was really cool. This kingdom was basically a gauntlet of stuff that wanted to kill me…. not to mention the horribly aggravating boss, Robobrood! I couldn’t wait to be done with that fucker.

Finally, I got to the Moon Kingdom. Because, you know, Bowser wanted to get married on the moon! The way the church bells rang was pretty eerie. I had to do some ass backwards stuff to get to the hill the church was on, but that’s okay. It was time to face Bowser, which was a fight similar to the fight in Cloud Kingdom. I managed to whip his butt after a few tries, but then shit started going down and crumbling all around me. So I did the natural thing to do… I possessed Bowser and started destroying everything to get us out of there! It was a fun and frantic way to end the game!

With that being said, I beat Super Mario Odyssey! One thing I love about this game (which I know many of you already know) is that the end game is so expansive- there are so many reasons to keep playing even after the credits roll! I spent quite awhile in Mushroom Kingdom afterwards, just wandering around and collecting Power Moons. Speaking of Power Moons, my current total is 161- so I have a LONG way to go!


Nintendo 3DS

My husband bought me WarioWare Gold, and I started playing it right away! WarioWare is one of those series I’ve always loved since the first game came out on the Game Boy Advance! WarioWare Gold has many microgames from the past games in the series, as well as new ones!

There are a few different “leagues” of microgames, each with a different host character. My favorite has always been Ashley πŸ˜‰

I’ve already played through all of the Mash League and the Twist League. I’m currently on the Touch League with 9-Volt! So far, I am in love with this game. The microgames are quick, weird, and fast- paced!



I am plugging away with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. One event in September was Brewster’s Sweet Harvest, which was a gardening event. I didn’t mind this event, actually, even though I don’t really care for gardening events. However, it seems like the catch rate was improved this time around, which really helped! Plus, you got sweet grape related furniture, and I really loved the look of it.

Another event going on this month was the Blitz Clam Scavenger Hunt. It’s basically just like the gyroid scavenger hunts, but with blitz clams, which are items from Splatoon. I’m not very familiar with the Splatoon games, so I can’t say much about them. Anyway, you collected the clams to craft Splatoon- related clothing with them, and they are kind of cool!

There was also Fishing Tourney #6 this month, which also featured Splatoon- themed prizes. Plus, you got to catch colorful squid and octopus (octopi?)!

Also, Jack’s Halloween Hunt (a gardening event) began! I LOVE HALLOWEEN SO MUCH! All the spooky prizes you can get from this event are amazing. However… it didn’t start out too promising. Barely any bats spawned on my flowers, dammit!

Um also… the spooky terrains are awesome but HELL NO I’m not spending like $30 to get all of it! Pisses me off. I want to earn these things by playing the game, not by spending money on them.

I’m currently at Level 95, and I have 111/ 113 animals invited to my camp!

I played a bit of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery this month as well. I still need to complete my classes to finish off Year 1, Chapter 7, but I got sidetracked by Hagrid’s Birthday Party preparations. I didn’t finish those either, oops!


SNES Classic

I’ve decided to revisit a couple of my favorite games on the SNES Classic this month. First up is Donkey Kong Country, which remains one of my favorite games of all time. I cannot even tell you how many times I’ve played through and beaten this game, but I enjoy it every time! And the crazy jumps in Mine Cart Carnage (as well as the anxiety- inducing music) always make my hands sweaty no matter how many times I play it!

I am currently in World 2: Monkey Mines, Level 5: Millstone Mayhem.

I also played a bit of Super Mario Kart. While I am a huge Mario Kart 8/Mario Kart 8 Deluxe fan, I at times miss the simplicity of the original. No blue shells, no real drifting… just good old- fashioned kart racing! I played through the 50cc Mushroom Cup, and I won the gold.

That’s all the gaming I did in September! See ya next time!

17 thoughts on “My Gaming Month in Review: September 2018!

      1. I wasn’t a fan of the boss to be honest. Hoping from platform to platform was harder than it needed to be due to the camera angle. Made it through though, that’s what matters!

      2. True, it was quite a bit tricky. I was just happy to be done with that kingdom! And then I was in the Mushroom Kingdom after beating the game, just exploring… and I accidentally jumped through a painting and had to fight the damn bird again, haha!! Got some more Power Moons for my trouble, but still.

  1. I loved Odyssey, and it was totally worth it for the end game alone. I died quite a few times in the Ruined Kingdom fighting that dragon. Many people said that place reminded them of Dark Souls lol. I didn’t have any issue beating Bowser, but it took me quite a few tries to get through the part afterwards, and I certainly didn’t obtain even half of the Power Moons. There are nearly 900 you can collect on your own, and some of them were just too difficult for me.

    1. I love Super Mario Odyssey so much! I agree… I love the fact that there is so much left to do after you beat Bowser! The dragon was a pretty cool boss, and I definitely see the Dark Souls vibe in that kingdom, haha! It took me a couple tries to beat Bowser. The part afterwards was a little crazy and I think I made it out with almost no health! It was fun though. Some of the Power Moons are pretty difficult/ annoying! I still have so many to collect, it’s pathetic lol! I forgot to play before Halloween so I could dress Mario up as a zombie, dammit! I think you can still buy the costume, but I wanted to get it and actually play it on Halloween. Oops!

      1. There was one in the desert that I just gave up on. It was inside the sphinx and you had to take control of a Bullet Bill and have guide it through a series of mazes. I never made it through that part so just said the hell with it. What I love about the game is that you don’t have to get ALL of the Moons. So if you skip some of the more challenging ones, it’s not a deal breaker for you to move on.

      2. Ooh, I know which one you are talking about! That one pissed me off and I gave up on it too LOL!! I like the fact that you don’t NEED to collect all of the moons either, so you don’t feel as much pressure!

  2. DKC and WarioWare sound like a good month to me! πŸ™‚ Ashley’s my favorite Warioware character outside of the big man, Wario. Her theme song is so catchy! I like the format of this post a lot and I hope to read more of them in the future πŸ™‚

    1. Ashley is pretty awesome! πŸ™‚ And thank you! I enjoy doing these types of posts, I just have a hard time staying consistent with them for some reason. I guess I just get tired too easily and never finish what I start, lol!

      1. It does take some energy and I have a hard time remembering what I was doing more than a week or two ago so I can definitely understand why they would be hard to finish! They’re worth the hard work though πŸ™‚

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