End Game Thoughts: The Legendary Starfy!

Game Title: The Legendary Starfy
Platform: Nintendo DS
Hours Played: Approximately 8-10

About the Game

Image result for the legendary starfy

The Legendary Starfy was released in North America in 2009 for the Nintendo DS. Though Starfy (or Stafy, as he’s called in Japan) had been around for a few years, this is actually the first game in the series to be released outside of Japan. After playing this annoying ass game, that’s fine with me!

Anyway, the premise of the game revolves around the absolutely adorable little star named…. um, Starfy. Some damn rabbit falls on top of him while he’s sleeping and says he lost his memory and he needs help to get home. Some dudes keep trying to kidnap the rabbit and as the game goes on, more about who the rabbit actually is will be revealed to you. But by that time, you’ll be trying so hard not to throw your fucking DS up against the wall, you don’t care who the rabbit is, or why he’s such a hot commodity.

What I Liked


Starfy is one of the CUTEST lil characters that I ever did see. His design is simple… I mean, he’s a star lol. I love the fact that even when shit is going down, he is there with a smile on his face. Throughout the game, I found some cute outfits for him, which made me want to hug and squeeze him even more.


Starfy’s friends are pretty cool too… Moe in particular. He’s grumpy but lovable.

Also, the cutscenes in this game were presented like they were panels in a comic book, which I thought was pretty cool!

What I Didn’t Like

This sums up how I felt playing this game…

I DIDN’T LIKE THIS GAME. There. I said it. I wanted to love it. It was cute and colorful and ANNOYING AS FUCK. It started out simple enough, then got difficult in a very annoying way.

I don’t mind when games are difficult. I welcome the challenge in most cases. The Legendary Starfy is not a game that is “difficult”, but it is a game that you will die many times in because of the incredibly cheap deaths. There is a huge difference between a game being difficult in a good way and a game being difficult in a cheap, aggravating way. Starfy falls in the latter category. Some of the levels shouldn’t have been hard, but they were simply because they relied on really cheap mechanics.

There are many examples I could give to explain my aggravation, but one thing that pissed me off time and time again were levels that had long gap jumps in them. They were almost impossible to time right, and it’s like they were totally luck based. Sometimes you’d make it, sometimes you wouldn’t. It was enough to make me want to scream!

Closing Thoughts

This made me laugh way more than it should have!

On the exterior, The Legendary Starfy has many things I love: cute characters, cute graphics, catchy music. The gameplay mechanics literally ruin the game for me, though. I don’t want to play a game that constantly pisses me off! I hate to be so harsh, especially because I’ve seen many positive reviews for this game. Maybe I just suck at playing games! Regardless, by the end of this game I was not having fun at all and I couldn’t wait for it to be over.

PS: Why does WordPress randomly unfollow people sometimes?!? Uggh!!! On more than one occasion, I’ll notice that I’m no longer following someone. I don’t always catch it right away, either. Pain in the ass!

8 thoughts on “End Game Thoughts: The Legendary Starfy!

  1. I gave Starfy a try because I got major Kirby vibes from it, but – much like yours – my overall experience was not positive.

    Strangely, though, while you mention the game gets difficult in an annoying way down the line, I remember feeling cold towards it because it came off as being way too easy, as if it were not demanding anything out of me. I am not trying to come off as an ultra-skilled videogame player, which I am certainly not. It is just that that comment of yours makes me think I probably dropped it before the annoying and hard parts came in, which goes to show I did not go very far before quitting.

    It is hard to deny the cuteness of Starfy’s universe, though.

    1. That’s what drew me to Starfy as well! It seemed a lot like Kirby. Kirby games never annoy me the way Starfy did, though. It was a very easy game at first- you’re right, it was almost too easy and I remember thinking I would just breeze through it. I don’t mind a game being difficult, but when the difficulty is incredibly cheap and almost based on luck at times, that’s when it starts to aggravate me. I’m glad I played through it and beat it just so I have that satisfaction, but it’s not a game I think I’ll revisit any time soon.

      You are right, Starfy is adorable! I still love him, even if I didn’t love his game 😉

  2. Difficulty is, ironically, really hard to get right. I always like how Mario games handle it, by giving you an assist if you fail a stage a bunch of times. I know a lot of people aren’t fans of that, but I fully support helping people who are struggling. Even Dark Souls has summons to get help.

    1. You’re so right! I just don’t like how games are difficult when they shouldn’t be- like in Starfy, I felt like I suffered several cheap deaths when knew what I was doing shouldn’t be that hard!

      I don’t mind assists in video games either! I feel like everyone should get a chance to keep trying, even if they need help. If someone wants to play that way, that’s fine by me 🙂

  3. I started this game a while back but clearly haven’t gotten into it far enough to reach that point of misery you’re describing here. I got it from two little girls at a garage sale a few summers ago. I probably should’ve left it there…

    1. Aww haha, well if anything, Starfy is cute… so he should still be in your collection! 😉 I am not normally one to gripe about a game that much, but the difficulty just felt so cheap and aggravating!

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