End Game Thoughts: Wario’s Woods!

Game Title: Wario’s Woods
Platform: NES Classic
Hours Played: just over an hour

About The Game

Wario's Woods NES.jpg

Wario’s Woods is a puzzle game originally released on both the NES and the SNES in 1994. It was also a hidden NES game in the GameCube version of Animal Crossing, which I’m pretty sure I have! 🙂 At some point I need to figure out which NES games I have in that game… anyway, I’m getting off track! It is also available as an eShop purchase. I bought it on the Wii Virtual Console and think I played it for about 30 seconds. Oops! Anyway, Wario’s Woods is one of the games on the NES Classic, which is the version I played for this little mini review thing.

So, apparently the background for this game is Wario is up to some shady shit and makes the poor inhabitants of the woods near the Mushroom Kingdom bend to his will. I guess he’s trying to create an army to take over the Mushroom Kingdom or some shit. I guess Mario is busy or whatever, because Toad is the one who has to stop Wario and restore peace to the forest. Wow! Bet you didn’t think this game had such a deep story!

What I Liked

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Well, it’s a fun little puzzler at first. I enjoyed the animation on the side of the screen where Wario would become more and more agitated as you got closer to winning. I think I liked the music?? *checks YouTube for music* Yeah, it’s not bad, but not my favorite either.

What I Didn’t Like

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Oh THE SHITTY CONTROLS!!! Why?!?! It’s a decent game with the most craptastic control scheme ever for a puzzle game. Sometimes I just pressed random buttons because I didn’t know what the fuck was even happening.

Closing Thoughts

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I was enjoying myself while playing, but by the time I died on Level 23, I was more than ready for my run to be over with. I also completed one of the Time Attack Modes, so I will consider this game beaten. This game is okay, and I wouldn’t mind picking it up from time to time to play a few levels… but for me, there are better puzzle games out there.

I posted two days in a row?! Wow! I’m on a roll here! Don’t get used to it, haha!

Book Review: The Nutcracker Curse!

My God, I SUCK at posting and keeping up with everyone’s posts! My main problem is this horrendous fatigue that doesn’t seem to improve with sleep/rest. Oh, and having to participate in other soul-sucking activities such as going to work, etc. Well, eventually I’ll be caught up on everything, so that’s all the bitching I’ll do. I can only do what I can do! 😉 Anyways…

Before finishing up The Ardere Series that I have been reading and reviewing, author Margo Ryerkerk wrote and released a fun little series called The Cursed Fairy Tale series! She wrote three books, each one based off of a fairy tale that she put her own twist on. Each book kind of tied into one another, which I thought was nice. Though I am not big on fairy tales and am for the most part largely unfamiliar with the stories/plots, I was willing to give them a try! I reviewed the first book in the trilogy, The Nutcracker Curse, back in December. Here’s the blurb for the book:

12 days.

4 realms.

Break the curse.

Or turn into a nutcracker.

Princess Clara thought she knew the main threat to her freedom.

She was wrong.

At seventeen years old, Clara isn’t ready to marry, and yet that’s what she must do as the crown princess of Austria.

However, getting to know the foreign princes visiting her kingdom becomes the least of Clara’s worries when she picks up a bespelled nutcracker and unleashes a deadly curse. She has twelve days to find and feed the nutcracker the magical nut Crackatook. If she fails, her soul will be trapped inside the toy for all eternity and her body will turn to wood.

Instead of relying on her suitors or the king’s men to find the cure, Clara saddles her unicorn and sneaks out of the palace. Her childhood friend Philip notices her leaving and makes her choose between returning to the castle or allowing him to come along.

Reluctantly, Clara agrees to him joining her, and soon, they are off to lands filled with mythical creatures.

Will they survive all trials and find the Crackatook in time? Or will Clara’s soul become trapped in the nutcracker and her body turn to wood?

Filled with adventure, love, magic, and a strong heroine, this clean YA Fairy Tale is the perfect festive read!

The Nutcracker Curse is the first book in the Cursed Fairy Tales series. Each book can be read as a standalone. However, for greatest enjoyment, the novels should be read in order.

If you like K.M Shea, Melanie Cellier, and Kiera Cass, you’ll love this!

And the gorgeous cover:


Here’s what I wrote about the book on Goodreads:

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review! 🙂

Let me preface this review by saying this: I am not really a fan of fairy tales. I don’t even know anything about the Nutcracker fairy tale that this book is based off of. Despite this, I wanted to read this book because I am a huge fan of Margo Ryerkerk’s other books! 🙂

This book switches between the points of view of two characters, Griselda and Clara. They are stepsisters who have been separated from each other for 10 years because Griselda has been imprisoned. Naturally, Griselda can’t stand Clara and wants to seek revenge on her, so she decides to release the Nutcracker Curse on Clara.

Meanwhile, Clara is a princess, and she’s not exactly thrilled with being one. She is restless and wants to do her own thing, but her father wants her to get married and become prepared to be a ruler someday.

When the curse is released on Clara, she is told she has 12 days to break the curse. If she fails, her body will turn into a wooden figurine, and her soul will become trapped inside the nutcracker forever. Doesn’t sound like fun, does it?! Anyway, the only way to break the curse is to find a magical nut called the Crackatook and feed it to the nutcracker. Instead of sitting idly by, Princess Clara decides to take her life into her own hands and find the Crackatook herself.

She goes through a lot of trouble to do so! I won’t give any spoilers away, but she encounters many trials to get to the Mouse King, who is guarding the Crackatook in the Inverse Kingdom. The Mouse King is… terrible, to say the least.

I really did enjoy this book, despite being unfamiliar with the original tale. The book ended in such a way that there is an opening for a sequel, so I can’t wait to see what happens next!

I rated The Nutcracker Curse 4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads!