End Game Thoughts: Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn!

So, I actually beat this game back in April of this year… I’m still a few months behind on all my posts I want to do, but I think I’m making some good headway. I’m also catching up on reading everyone else’s posts too, which is awesome! I’m taking some time off starting Friday (which happens to be my birthday!) and I’ll be off of work all the way until August 6th. Not sure how much time I’ll spend on the internet considering my husband and I are probably going to the beach and other fun stuff if the weather holds up (plus our anniversary is the 29th). Anyway, why am I blabbering so much?! On to the whole point of this post… my End Game Thoughts on the wonderful Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn!

Game Title: Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Hours Played: around 8

About The Game

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Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn was released for the Nintendo 3DS in March 2019. Naturally, I bought the game the day it came out… it’s Kirby, duh! I’m so proud that I actually bought a damn game and played it close to its release date instead of like 15 years later! Anywho. This game is actually an enhanced port of Kirby’s Epic Yarn for the Nintendo Wii. It featured new abilities, modes, etc.

If you’ve played the original, you know the story for this one… some asswipe named Yin Yarn has been turning the inhabitants of a place called Patch Land into yarn because he’s a freaking weirdo. Prince Fluff (who looks suspiciously like Kirby) asks Kirby for help and because Kirby’s such a sweet little guy, he just jumps right in!

What I Liked

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Playing this game just feels so… cozy. That’s the best word I can use to describe it. When you want to relax after a long, annoying day, playing this game is the perfect escape. The beautifully designed levels and chill music never fail to give me a relaxing vibe. Plus, it’s so damn adorable, you can’t help but smile while you are playing it.

I also enjoyed some of the power-ups present in this game. The original Epic Yarn didn’t have them, and while they aren’t necessary to get through the game, they were fun additions that I liked using.

What I Didn’t Like

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Losing all my beads because I suck ass and keep getting hit by the same enemy over and over. But that’s my problem, not the game’s!

Closing Thoughts


This game is absolutely wonderful. It was a joy to play through and brightened up my cold, dark little heart every time I played! Plus with new modes and extras, there are more reasons to keep playing after you kick Yin Yarn’s ass.